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10 Pretty Payals For The Bride-To-Be - You’ll Fall In Love!

10 Pretty Payals For The Bride-To-Be - You’ll Fall In Love!
The bride walks around softly, she’s gorgeous, from top to toe. Every step she takes, there is a constant reminder that the bride is in the room. What is that sound? Is it her smiling loudly, or is it something else? She picks up her lehenga and you see it right there. The ghunghroo laden anklets that add all the sparkle to her pretty feet. Here are some payals to complete your bridal look and make you feel like royalty!

1. The Pearly Gold!

1 payals for the bride

When you’re looking to wear something delicate on your ankles, these fine anklets will do wonders. The paisley shaped gold motifs along with the tiny pearls are every bride’s dream.

Price: Rs. 1,499. Buy it here.

2. The Jewelled Brilliance!

2 payals for the bride

One of its kind, this ornate piece of jewellery is perfect for your bridal avatar. We love the green and the red striking through the tear drop-shapes. The delicate string on which these beauts hang make this pair extra special.

Price: Rs 903. Buy it here.

3. The Lattice Bijou!

3 payals for the bride

No-strings attached is what describes this pair. It’s simple and elegant and has carefully planted red stones all over the focus area. Will definitely blend well with your bridal lehenga. And the pearls give it that sweet finish.

Price: Rs 3,750. Buy it here.

4. The Ghungroo Magic!

4 payals for the bride

Going back to the soft chan-chan sounds that the damsel makes while she’s happily walking around...she should be adorning herself with something like this. This playful pair of payals will make you feel like a dancer with every step you take!

Price: Rs 870. Buy it here.

5. The Ivory Shadow!

5 payals for the bride

The exact match to your polki and jadau sets, this ornamental duo is all you need when you want to add a jewelled look to your feet without going OTT. This pair is that sophisticated bauble you need to walk out in style.

Price: Rs 1,250. Buy it here.

6. The Tiny Trinket!

6 payals for the bride

This feminine pair of anklets is for the girl who is looking to wear something non-fussy yet significant. It’s got little pearls hanging throughout the arrangement and it’ll pretty much match any outfit that she chooses to don.

Price: Rs 615. Buy it here.

7. The Temple Borders!

7 payals of the bride

Inspired by the South Indian temple jewellery, these antique gold payals with leaflike hangings are just perfect for the traditional bride. It’ll complete your gold set from top to bottom and it’ll look lovely on your hennaed feet.

Price: Rs 3,599. Buy it here.

8.The Silver Princess!

8 payals for the bride

Some brides choose to wear silver jewellery, and why not? There are strikingly beautiful tribal sets available these days. Not just for the wedding day, but also for other important functions, this silver set is gold - if you know what we mean!

Price: Rs 1,440. Buy it here.

9. The Contemporary Piece!

9 payals for the bride

This unique assemblage of gold-coated metal and attractive designs on the centrepiece is rare. For the bride who is looking at trying something different, this should be the pick clearly. It’s got fragile strings all around and such pretty elements in the front!

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.    

10. The Glam Queen!

10 payals for the bride

When you are looking at not compromising on any jewellery and want yourself to look like a shiny package, these two-in-ones are your friend. The square shaped colourful stones on the payal and that outstanding toe ring are marvellous. Let’s get this for the bride, shall we?

Price: Rs 1,950. Buy it here.
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