7 Genius Tricks For Gorgeous, Glowing Skin... Instantly!

7 Genius Tricks For Gorgeous, Glowing Skin... Instantly!
We would do anything for that elusive lit-from-within glow. But don’t worry, you don’t have to chug numerous glasses of vegetable juice and invest in expensive makeup products for that dreamy radiance. Just try these genius hacks for that dewy look instead. These cool tricks can seriously help you amp up an enviable glow.

1. Add Some Balm

1 hacks for dewy skin

Want to give your skin a boost when it’s looking tired or dull? Just whip out your lip balm and apply some on your cheek and brow bone. A tinted one can even help add some colour to your cheeks. It’s so simple!

2. A Quickie Facial

Give yourself a quick facial by using a microfiber towel/ cloth to gently massage your cleanser in downward strokes into each section of your face. This will help refresh and brighten your face instantly.

3. Get Misty

3 hacks for dewy skin

Do you feel like powder comes in the way of a pretty glow? You may need to set your makeup, but try this cool trick to bring a dewy glow to your look – mist your face with rose water. This way the powder will help set your look and the rose water gives you a fresh radiance.

4. Highlighter Hack

Ladies, by now you should know that a highlighter is what you need to really elevate your makeup routine for luminous skin. Instead of applying your highlighter after your foundation, mix a drop or two of it with your foundation and apply with a damp sponge for a gorgeous radiance that looks like it comes from within.

5. Coconut Oil To The Rescue

5 hacks for dewy skin

Who said to save it only for your hair? Coconut oil can give you seriously dewy skin. Just swipe a tiny bit on your cheek and brow bones, and down the bridge of your nose for some glowy hydration. Coconut oil actually solidifies in room temperature so don’t worry, it won’t look oily or runny.

6. Bust Out The Mist + Sponge

If your face is looking dry or dull in the middle of the day, just spritz on a refreshing facial mist and use a BeautyBlender to pat the hydration into your skin. It’s an amazing boost for your complexion.

7. Blush, Blush

7 hacks for dewy skin

A great blush helps bring a warm, rosy glow to your face. One quick trick is to blend a creamy but matte lipstick (one with a hint of shimmer) for a pretty flush with a hint of glow that stays in place all day.

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