The Girl’s Guide To Masturbating - All You Need To Know!

The Girl’s Guide To Masturbating - All You Need To Know!
Who said women don’t masturbate? Just ‘coz guys talk about it way more than us, doesn’t mean we aren’t into it! Ladies, there’s nothing wrong with self-pleasure, in fact, it helps you to get more comfortable with your body and understand it better. Plus, orgasms! Here are a few things every girl should definitely know about masturbation. Relax! there’s nothing to be embarrassed about!

1. It’s Good For You

It increases blood flow and releases endorphins – the happy hormones, even if you don’t climax. It’s the best way to feel better and relieve stress.

2. It’s Totally Normal

Masturbating doesn’t make you a pervert or a freak, there’s absolutely no need to feel guilty about it. It’s a normal thing that helps you explore your body, get more in tune with it and of course, provide pleasure to yourself. There’s nothing wrong in that!

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3. You Can Do It And Still Be A Virgin

A virgin is someone who hasn’t had sex with another person. Putting your finger in your vagina or making yourself orgasm doesn’t mean you’re not a virgin.

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4.  It Makes Your Sex Life Better

Masturbation makes you more comfortable with your sexuality and gives you more confidence. It helps you figure out how to get the best kind of orgasm, which leads to a better sexual experience with a partner. You can explore different types of touch and pressure alone so you know what you want and can guide your partner too.

4 things girls should know about masturbation

5.  It Won’t Make You Err…Looser Down There

Solo sex or regular sex won’t make you looser down there. That’s a myth that makes so many women worried. As long as you’re not doing it all day, every day, it’s perfectly healthy and won’t interfere with your ability to enjoy sex.

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6. Literally, Everyone Does It

From your boss, to that friend who behaves like it’s gross and abnormal, everyone does it! So don’t worry ladies, you’re not alone. People may shy away from talking about it because it’s “unladylike” (Arghh!) but that doesn’t mean that they don’t do it!

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7. It’s About Multitasking!

Rubbing your clit on it’s own is nice, and using your finger to penetrate is nice too, but doing them both at the same time is what will enhance the experience and drive you wild! It takes a bit of practice but you’ll get the gist once you start doing it.

8. You Won’t Orgasm Instantly

Just because it isn’t happening, don’t stop. Take your time, don’t lose patience and explore yourself. You can orgasm in a minute or even after an hour, so keep at it!

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9. You Should Pee Afterwards

Just like with sex, you should always, always pee after you masturbate to avoid an unpleasant UTI. Peeing will help to flush out any bacteria that can enter the urethra with your finger. Also, make sure to wash your hands before you masturbate!

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