10 Ways To Be Really Great At Your Job (No Matter What Field)

10 Ways To Be Really Great At Your Job (No Matter What Field)
We know you are probably nervous about working in the “professional” world, where you have to do your job and you’ve got to do it well, and get along with your colleagues, and deal with clients too. And yes, it may get a bit difficult at times but we’re going to give you, for your convenience, 10 hacks that will fetch you brownie points at work, easily.

1. Start with being on time, please.

No, we’re not asking you to be the first person to arrive in an empty office, but make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before the official work hours start. No one likes latecomers - they portray a ‘couldn’t care less’ sort of attitude and that’s the last impression you want to create at work.

1 fetch brownie points at work

2. Opportunities may not come to you as exciting new projects, but as extra work that’s totally unrelated to your core job.

Do not stick to your desk and ignore all that’s going on around you, all day long. While it is good to be focused on what you’re doing, it’s even better to be a curious team player. Plus, it always is the person who shows interest in taking up new jobs and learning new skills, who gets rewarded in the end.

3. Ask for feedback, and do not take that personally.

Not many people will walk up to you to give you feedback, so you will just have to ask for it. Feedback doesn’t just make you aware of your own problem areas but also sends a message to the other person that you are willing to learn and improve at your job.

3 fetch brownie points at work

4. Be on the table, and have a say.

Now that you are a part of some organisation, know that your opinion matters. So give it when it’s asked of you, instead of trying to hide in a corner. A strong opinion will make your seniors notice you - but be careful to do your research before you go on in front of everyone with your views.

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5. A smile and a few good manners really do go a long way.

People just like you better when you smile at them. And don’t think no one cares about manners, for they are what will catch attention and give you a positive validation.

5 fetch brownie points at work

6. Do not be concerned with only finishing your to-do list, try to develop a relationship with your colleagues.

Yes, work is priority but you aren’t a robot and you need to come across as a team player, who other people can get along with.

7. Confidence is the key, peppered with a sense of humor.

At the end of the day, act like you know your sh*t and have a good grip over whatever’s going on. And make jokes, laugh at jokes others crack. Mind the timing and the people though, and you’re good to go.

7 fetch brownie points at work

8. Mirror the behaviour of other people around you, but do not start copying them action for action.

When you start mirroring other people, they feel that you agree with them and hence they feel more comfortable around you - so study and follow their behaviour closely. However, this does not mean you blatantly start copying and annoying them, or agreeing with every single thing they say.

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9. The right body language will go a long way.

There are a few body language tricks that can really help you communicate better. Like nodding your head in agreement, addressing people with their names and listening more - which can do wonders for you and help you get your point across faster too.

9 fetch brownie points at work

10. The way you dress is the way you are addressed.

Oh, it matters. No, we’re not asking you to walk around in uncomfortable heels and clothes you detest, but you need to appear neat.

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