The Big Fat ZARA Sale: Here’s What We Got For Rs 1,300 Or Less!

The Big Fat ZARA Sale: Here’s What We Got For Rs 1,300 Or Less!
Sale season is on in full bloom and we are all running to our favourite stores to grab the best of the lot. Whenever we see an ‘end of season sale’ banner, two things pop up in our minds: “Gotta-get-to-the-mall-early” and “OMG! ZARA!!” Here’s what the POPxo Team bought from the ZARA sale. So stop playing Pokemon Go and run to mall instead. Gotta grab ‘em all!

1. Wide Legged Pants - Rs 990

1 Zara sale

Divya Sharma, Assistant Editor

I saw these pants, just the one last piece in a corner of the store and I ran towards them. Unfortunately, they were an XS size. But since the pants were so long, I thought there wasn’t any harm in trying them on! The fit me perfectly - high waist, but they looked amazing because of the length! I’m totally in love!

2. Shirt - Rs 1,290

2 Zara sale

Apurva Lama, Fashion Editor

“I love oversized shirts and I’ve had my eye on this checked patchwork shirt for so long. It was a little over my budget since it comes under their Organic cotton collection. When I finally got it on a reduced price, I was overjoyed. The fabric and the finish has love written all over it!”

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3. High-Waisted Pants - Rs 799

3 Zara sale

Gopika EM, Senior Social Media Manager

I’ve never been a fan of jeans, especially in this weather. These pants are not just  comfortable, but also go well with EVERY single top I own! (Win!!)

4. Knitted Top - Rs 769

4 Zara sale

Neha Gupta, Senior Lifestyle Writer

“I found this cute little top hiding beneath a heap of clothes while the sale was in full swing. The muted colors in a knitted pattern just give it a very rich look. And the best part is, unlike other crop tops, it doesn't end above my navel, but actually manages to meet my pants halfway too.”

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5. Lace crop top, Rs 990

5 Zara sale

Apoorva Gupta, Editorial Coordinator

I got this orange lace top from the Zara Sale for Rs 990. It has a pretty lacy back and is the brightest shade of orange. I had to attend a fashion event and I did not want to wear a dress so I bought it without even trying it on. It was definitely a great buy!