Fairytale love stories

Sunday Shorts: 3 Fairytale Romances That’ll Make You Go Aww!

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

1. Deal? Deal.

He cooks breakfast, I ready the kids for school.

He handles grocery shopping, I handle the bills.

He sweeps the house, I do the dishes.

We made a deal 20 years ago - kids, career, relatives - we’re in it together.  And since then, that's the only vow my husband and I try to keep, every single moment of every single day of forever.

1 Fairytale love stories

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2. Tangled Up

I stood at the airport doors with a bag in my hand and tears in my eyes. Long-distance was something neither of us wanted to do, we had made a strong decision and yet I could not take that final step away from him.

Then my name boomed in his voice as I turned with a fluttering heart and saw him standing there. “We are in this together, it is you who matters, not the distance,” he said, and instantly I knew, every step now leads to him.

2 Fairytale love stories

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3. My Happily Ever After

“... And then the prince held the princess in his arms, kissed her and they lived happily ever after”, I said, as my 5 year old daughter sleepily smiled, after listening to her favorite bedtime story.  

“Will I find my prince mommy?”

“Yes you will sweetheart,” I said, and kissed her goodnight.

I got back to my room and saw my husband making the bed.

“Hey love. Is she asleep?”

“Yes” I said, beaming at him as my prince held me in his arms and kissed me on my forehead, like he had done every night since the day we had said “I do”.

3 Fairytale love stories

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Published on Jul 17, 2016
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