expectation vs reality

Expectation vs Reality: 5 Times Life Fails EVERY Girl!

Anasuya Ray Chaudhuri

Guest Contributor

Us girls are all unique creatures, but there are some problems that are true for EVERY girl! A few situations that we’ve all been in. And a few of those have been summed up by the amazing C. Cassandra in her illustrations - they’ll definitely bring a smile to your face! :-)

1. When you’re going for sophisticated, but HUMIDITY.

expectation vs reality 1

Image: C. Cassandra on Facebook

2. Visa? Voter ID? Driving licence? Well, enter your friendly neighbourhood photographer.

expectation vs reality 2

Image: C. Cassandra on Facebook

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3. When life gives you amazing lipstick, and you make a mess of it. :-(

expectation vs reality 3

Image: C. Cassandra on Facebook

4. When you’re all dressed up for the perfect mirror-fie, but FLASH.

expectation vs reality 4

Image: C. Cassandra on Facebook

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5. When “fashion-forward” turns into a little bit weird. :P

expectation vs reality 5

Image: C. Cassandra on Facebook

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Published on Jul 15, 2016
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