everyday life struggles for a girl

13 “I Hate My Life!” Moments EVERY Girl Has Lived!

Isheeta Sharma

Junior Lifestyle Editor

Ladies, we get it. Life is tough, but, don’t worry you’re not the only one stumbling around trying to make sense of the happenings in life. So instead of letting frustration get the best of us, we decided to make a fun list of everyday life struggles we girls face. The best solution, after all, is to just laugh it off!

1. When you shave your legs for a night out, put on a pretty dress, some makeup and a huge smile… Only to realise there is still a very visible patch of hair you left out!

1 everyday life struggles for a girl

2. Oh, the struggle of putting on a bra, once you’ve already taken it off, just because you need to step out to buy yogurt.

3. Every makeup tutorial looks simple, until you try it and end up looking like a raccoon!

3 everyday life struggles for a girl

4. Planning a week ahead if you have to wing your eyeliner… and still getting it wrong!

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5. Feeling fabulous in your yoga pants for five minutes before the camel toe appears.

5 everyday life struggles for a girl

6. That amazing day when you are having a good hair day, your outfit looks superb, makeup is on point, and you meet absolutely NO ONE.

7. When you are doing online window shopping, and end up spending your entire salary… oops!

7 everyday life struggles for a girl

8. That moment when you write a full paragraph explaining your feelings to your boyfriend and he goes, “What does that mean?”

9. Never knowing whether you are PMS-ing or actually pissed off!

9 everyday life struggles for a girl

10. That awkward moment when you indulge in some healthy social media stalking and end up liking your ex’s picture… with his new girlfriend!

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11. When you feel marvellous after a haircut only to reach home and realise you will look like a poodle for the next three months.

11 everyday life struggles for a girl

12. Dropping food crumbs down your boobs while eating that you will never be able to find!

13. That moment when you find the perfect dress… and it’s not in your size.

13 everyday life struggles for a girl

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Published on Jul 22, 2016
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