If You Liked 50 Shades Of Grey... 7 Books You MUST Try Next!

If You Liked 50 Shades Of Grey... 7 Books You MUST Try Next!
We’ve all heard of 50 Shades of Grey. It’s been over-talked about, right? Well, let’s give it a rest for awhile. If you are the type of person who is slightly naughty and thoroughly enjoys reading tasteful erotica then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of some steamy books for you that are bound to keep you up all night.

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1. Justice Falling By Audrey Carlan

1 erotic literature

Doesn’t sound much like it packs a punch, does it? But this is exactly where you are wrong. This is a story about Camille Johnson who has taken a leap of faith and landed in New York City. Even though she has had quite a complicated past she doesn’t let it perturb her. Her new job introduces her to a life of not having to worry about where the rent money is coming from but that’s not the only thing she’s introduced to. Enter Nathaniel Walker - the ladies’ man that no one can seem to get enough of.

As they cross paths, the fire that burns inside of them for each other isn’t something anyone could easily douse. Camille’s past and the lies she makes up to cover it pose a serious hindrance to them getting anywhere, but can they find it in them to make it work?

Price: Rs 753. Buy it here.

2. Shameless By Gina M Maxwell

2 erotic literature

If you’re dying to read something very racy and raunchy about someone who is really playing hard to get then this is the perfect book for you.

The protagonist wants a girl real bad but she wants nothing to do with him. He just needs one chance to show her what he’s made of and how utterly delirious it would be if both of them were shameless together.

Price: Rs 988. Buy it here.

3. An Uncommon Bond By Jeff Brown

3 erotic literature

Lowen and Sarah are basically all of us. Believing in love, hoping against hope that things will work out. With some people we feel an instant connection, as though our souls were talking to each other, as if our bodies were made to be connected with the other's. There is no escaping the connection and there is no denying it.

Through its pages, we take a walk with Lowen and Sarah, through their journey in life and their sexual reconciliation. We keep love alive because there is nothing greater than love.

Price: Rs 960. Buy it here.

4. Delta Of Venus By Anais Nin

4 erotic literature

In this assortment of short stories, Nin does what she does best - roll out the most captivating stories. The protagonists of each story enjoy the fine arts of love making but also possess one special talent or the other. With the most interesting plots brewing in each story mingled with very erotic sub-stories, Delta of Venus is a book that you won’t forget long after you have read it.

Anais Nin’s most famous work, Delta of Venus is a must read when venturing into erotica.

Price: Rs. 692. Buy it here.

5. One Night By Eric Jerome Dickey

5 erotic literature

This one is specially for those of you who love their erotica mingled with suspense and drama. This New York Times bestselling author weaves a story of one night and will have you on the edge of your seats.

One night a couple checks into a hotel room. They belong to two opposites of the society in regards to class and stature yet they have this burning desire for each other. The night not only involves intense love making but also pangs of jealousy, a series of mock games and most importantly a murder.

Price: Rs 730. Buy it here.

6. The Company Of Women By Khushwant Singh

6 erotic literature

If you’ve ever read Khushwant Singh’s work, then you know that you are not going to be disappointed with this one as well. This book maps the story of Mohan Kumar, who after spending 13 miserable years with his nagging wife has finally separated. He is now out looking for love, wherever he can find it and whoever he can find it with. He believes that at the core of every love story lies lust.

Long story short, he puts an ad out asking for women to be his companion in bed for a handsome price. Though it comes as a surprise that women actually are interested in his proposal. Kumar finds himself in bed with women who possess eccentric qualities and each love affair teaches him something or the other and takes him back to his past.

Price: Rs 238. Buy it here.

7. Stepbrother, Mine By Opal Carew

7 erotic literature

Burdened by her college loans, Dana resorts to her lowest low - auctioning off her virginity to pay her dues. While on the other hand Mason is made of wealth and has always had everything he’s ever wanted - except one woman, who was totally out of bounds.

But, is she still out of bounds now? Both of them could get what they want from each other but it leads to much, much more…

Price: Rs 722. Buy it here.

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