8 Ways To Make Your Hair Look *Different* - Without Cutting It!

8 Ways To Make Your Hair Look *Different* - Without Cutting It!
Are you bored of your hairstyle but still don’t want to cut your lovely locks? Well there are so many things you can do to update your style and look super fresh and fab, without going close to scissors. We tell you some really easy ways to give your hair a makeover in an instant, without cutting it. Try one of these awesome hair ideas every day to get out of that hair rut and flaunt fabulous locks all the time.

1. Switch Your Part

1 give your hair a makeover

Image: Sonakshi Sinha on Instagram

Do you always favour a middle parting? Well, flip your hair over to the side for some great lift at the roots. Is your hair always swooped to one side? Change it to a middle parting to change the symmetry of your face. Or just switch it to the opposite side and the way your hair frames your face can be different. Changing your parting is an instant way to change the way your hair looks, in less than a minute!

2. Fake Bangs

2 give your hair a makeover

Image: Shutterstock

Just like Kendall Jenner! Simply pull your hair into a top knot and let the ends swoop over your forehead like faux bangs. It will definitely update your look for a high-fashion style minus the maintenance of actual bangs!

3. Super Long Locks For A Day

3 give your hair a makeover

Image: Shutterstock

Switch into Rapunzel mode with gorgeous extensions for lush length and volume. They’re super easy to clip on and remove for extra long hair when you feel like changing up your look drastically. These extensions by BBlunt look very natural!

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4. Add Some Bombshell Volume

4 give your hair a makeover

Image: Shutterstock

Go big for a day by experimenting with volumizing mousse and sea salt spray for textured, voluminous waves. Scrunch and twirl your strands after adding the product for a look that is wild and big.

5. Slick Your Hair Back

5 give your hair a makeover

Image: Shutterstock

A celeb favourite, try this wet look on second or third day hair. Apply generous amounts of cream or serum or even gel before combing your hair back, minus any parting. It looks very chic and is a unique look that will come to your rescue when you have to go out but don’t want to wash your hair.

6. The Off-My-Face Do

6 give your hair a makeover

Image: Viral Bhayani

Let your hair loose but keep it off your face by creating a hairband of sorts with your hair. Take a 2 inch wide section of hair on one side of the parting and pin it behind your ear in a way whereby the pin is concealed underneath the rest of your hair. Do the same on the other side.

7. Pull Your Hair Back

7 give your hair a makeover

Image: Viral Bhayani

Slip on a thin hair band. Such a simple move but it can look super cute, like Alia shows us here! It also makes a huge difference if you're someone who like to keep their hair open! You can also braid a thin section of hair starting from behind one ear and pull it across to the other side if you haven’t got an actual hairband handy.

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8. Try A Half Top Knot

8 give your hair a makeover

Image: Katrina Kaif World on Instagram

This super easy trend really seems to have caught on. It gets your hair out of your eyes while being totally on-trend. It can add a certain charm to anything you wear – day or night!

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