Planning A Destination Wedding? 7 Essentials To Keep In Mind!

Planning A Destination Wedding? 7 Essentials To Keep In Mind!
A destination wedding can be one big, fat celebration. After all, it’s the excitement of a wedding combined with all the fun you can have during a vacation. However, planning this sort of a wedding is a tough row to hoe. So, to make things easier for you, we give you the dos and don’ts of planning a destination wedding…


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1. Booking all your guests' travel isn't required

Well, this can work out to be a really expensive affair. Booking flight/ train tickets for all your guests isn’t what you want to be spending on, dear host. Besides, those who really want to be there will be willing to foot their travel expenses on their own.

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2. Local vendors only                                                

You might have your personal favourite caterer or decorator in Delhi, while your wedding may be in Jaipur or Thailand, or whatever other place. Don’t be rigid about this because the costing for a local vendor is always lower than one who has to lug all of his/ her material and team to the destination. Also, you have to get the best out of a vendor, no matter where he/ she is from.

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3. Don’t land up on the last day

Last-minutes changes and redoing of things happens almost always. So, if you’re the host, make it a point to reach the destination 2-3 days before your guests are to arrive. That way you can make better arrangements with more ease, and you’re there to monitor all the preps. A stitch in time saves nine, remember?

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4. Host all functions at one venue

Your guests and you have travelled from all places around the world to be part of this happy occasion. Making them commute further to different venues for every function will only lead to more exhaustion and chaos.

5. Stay at same venue, if possible

And nothing like it if your guests are staying at the same venue as all your functions are to be held. Maybe you could use a different area of the property for every function. This will be easier on your guests, and everyone gets to stay together and takes part in all the ceremonies and fun.

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6. Take a few planning trips to the destination

If you thought a one-time visit to the destination will lead to a smooth wedding celebration, think again. You will have to visit the destination at least 2-3 times to ensure all the preparations are happening as per your liking.

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7. Don’t just carry heavy, authentic jewellery

Carrying all those elaborate sets you’ve been saving up to flaunt at the wedding is a bad idea. Luggage can get misplaced in transit, and besides, the one thought that’ll stress you out throughout the celebrations could be, “I hope my jewellery is safe in the hotel room locker.” Go for a shopping trip and you’ll realize artificial jewellery also looks gorgeous and can be a good replacement. Especially for all those daytime functions and running of errands - who wants to be weighed down by kilos of metal and gems then, right?!

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