The Easiest Trick To Give Your Old Jeans An Amazing Makeover!

The Easiest Trick To Give Your Old Jeans An Amazing Makeover!
We’ve all got jeans that lie under a pile of all the new clothes that have come into our lives. Sometimes, we even keep them in the hope that fashion may change its tide and we would once again get to wear those bell bottoms or mom jeans. And the funny thing is that some trends have revived themselves so you’ve got to get those old jeans out and flaunt them now! If you are still bored of those jeans though, then there are different ways to play around with them. We tell you a simple two-step trick that can save you some money and give your style quotient a kick!

We’re talking about giving your jeans a bit of an edge. You might have seen bloggers and celebs wearing jeans with raw edges, slits and unfinished hemlines. That is exactly what we’re talking about here!

1 DIY jeans trend

Be it a pair of loose bell bottoms or a skinny pair of denims, you can give this makeover to either one of them. With slits, without slits - whatever you prefer.

2 DIY jeans trend

It’s quite a hot trend at the moment and it’s only a ten minute job to get that look! So here it goes!

Step 1: Buy a simple seam ripper or ask your masterji for one! Unravel the hemline of the jeans at the bottom.

Step 2: The hem is generally folded multiple times, thus the lines appear once you start opening the folds. Now, depending on what you like, create a slit at the seams from the hemline on the inside. It can vary from two to two and half inches. Let the hemline fall open. And you're done!

Now, if you are too lazy to go through this easy-peasy process, here are two pairs of jeans that you can buy!

3 DIY jeans trend

POPxo Recommends: Zara Mid-Rise Frayed Jeans (Rs 1,990)

4 DIY jeans trend

POPxo Recommends: Dorothy Perkins White Raw Hem Jeans (Rs 1,879)

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