10 Career Options If You’ve Studied Commerce (Not Just CA!)

10 Career Options If You’ve Studied Commerce (Not Just CA!)

Right after you graduate from your school, the next big decision is to decide what to study next? The confusion is real. There are too many courses and not enough time to find out about all of them. So read on to find a host of amazing options available to you to pursue after having studied Commerce in your plus 2…

1. B.Com (H) or B.Com Program

Enjoyed studying commerce in school? And now want to extensively study all commerce related subjects, yet not sure which specific field to opt for? Go ahead and take up a bachelor of commerce (honors or diploma) course. This opens up a wide stream of options for the future including an MBA or a Masters later and work options in the fields of finance, entrepreneurship and a host of others.

2. BBA, BBE, BFA or Economics (H)

Bachelors in Business Administration, Finance or Economic Honours are some classic options to go for after having graduated from school with commerce stream.

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3. Law… Or LLB, as they call it

Nyay, Insaaf and Kanoon… Sounds like your cup of tea? Prepare for the entrances and apply to take up an undergraduate course in Law. After an LLB, you can further go for an LLM, as well as take up work in various sub fields of law like commercial, criminal and so on. 3 career options after commerce stream

4. Maths (H) and Statistics (H)

Love numbers and find calculations exciting? Go for an undergraduate degree in Mathematics or Statistics. Given you have taken commerce stream with mathematics in school, it'll be right up your alley. Various options in research, analysis and finance open up after a mathematical undergraduate degree. Also read: 7 Awesome Websites That Can Help You Create An Impressive CV!

5. Designing Courses

Have an artistic bend of mind? Why not pursue an undergraduate course in Fashion, Product or Graphic Designing and pave your path to make it big in the design world?! Your commerce background will also come in handy when you least expect it!

6. Architecture

A flair for arts and architecture? Many architecture colleges, barring a few, welcome students to appear for entrance exams post class XII and pursue an undergraduate course in architecture. Otherwise, there is also the option of interior design which is open to you. And number game will give you an edge while pursuing these courses. 6 career options after commerce stream

7. Chartered Accountancy

Passionate about studying accounts? Why not make it your profession! Take the three levels of CA Exams over a period of three years and see yourself taking up a job at a Big Four and if you’re even more ambitious, start a firm of your own. After becoming a certified CA, several types of work options are available, ranging from Taxation, Financial Advisor, and Auditor. Also read: 8 Rules For Every Girl When She’s Starting Off Her Career!

8. Liberal Arts

Enjoyed studying commerce in school, but knowing the social factors at play and psychology behind commercial phenomenon has always intrigued you? Go for a Liberal Arts degree to develop a holistic view of the world and develop your core critical thinking abilities.

9. English (H) or Mass Communication

If books are your best friends…make reading and writing something you get marks for! Take up an undergraduate course in English or Mass Communication, and open up multiple opportunities in social media, press, literature and even teaching for yourself. 9 career options after commerce stream

10. Hotel Management

Is being a part of the hospitality industry, your true calling? Pursue a 4-year bachelor degree in Hotel Management and make your dreams come true! And having had Business Studies in school is totally going to help you out. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr