11 Little Fashion Habits That Can Make You Feel More Confident!

11 Little Fashion Habits That Can Make You Feel More Confident!
Ladies, you’re young and beautiful and you’ve got a great journey ahead of you. Building strong habits will make your foundation stronger and help you evolve as a person. A that includes Fashion too, it being an imperative part of your personality. Here are 11 daily fashion habits that will in turn make you feel fabulous and confident. They are easy to incorporate and totally worth it!

1. Plan Ahead!

Waking up in the morning and deciding what to wear can be quite annoying at times, so let's try and scrape this out altogether. What if you spend some extra time the previous night deciding your clothes, or the weekend earlier maybe? Put some outfit ideas together and the week ahead will be a smooth ride! And, of course, might fetch you compliments for your style, from the rest of the world too.

2. Hairstyle = Check!

2 daily fashion habits

If you are always rushing in the a.m then find a permanent solution for some things at least. Pick a hairstyle that requires least amount of work in maintaining it and yet looks super stylish! Whether you want to pull it back in a pony tail or brush it across to leave it open, choose something that suits your personality and is easy to take care of.

3. The Shoes First Concept!

Especially applicable on days you have no interest in spending time putting an outfit together. Let your shoes do all the talking. Wear an interesting pair and build your outfit around it. For chilled out days, pick something funky and for formal days choose classic pumps. This will make you happier and less stressed out when you dress up - which will shape your mood for the rest of the day!

4. The Double Take Test!

4 daily fashion habits

Many are harping about this very effective way of turning out stylish each day, so why shouldn’t we incorporate this in our schedule too? Once you are ready from top to bottom spend an extra few seconds to look at yourself in the mirror. Make tiny adjustments if need be, like tucking in your shirt or changing your shoes and you’ll always leave the house looking good & feeling better!

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5. Select The Right Undergarments!

Quite simply put, this is the foundation of every outfit. Wear comfortable yet pretty panties and bras and you’ll feel beautiful from inside while exuding confidence to the whole world. When you feel like you picked the right underwear you actually have one less thing to worry about the entire day!

6. Pick Outfits That Always Work Well!

6 daily fashion habits

We’re thinking of a few well fitted pair of jeans, a couple of tees and blouses, a neat LBD, a chic blazer and a few other things in this category. You know they always make you look good. And you know that looking good always makes you feel good! So where them whenever you need that confidence boost!

7. Look For Inspiration Everywhere!

Scan the Instagram accounts of all your fashion icons, magazines, Pinterest, follow fashion bloggers for daily updates on what’s trending and how you can style something differently. You’ll get fresh ideas and some of them are totally doable with things you already own! Sometimes following a trend before others catch on, can make feel totally on top of your game.

8. One Anchor Piece Rule!

8 daily fashion habits

Whenever you do wear a simple outfit, make sure there is one thing that stands out. Either it’s the earrings, or the hand bag or the shoes. If you focus on revolving the rest of the outfit around this, you’ll always look stylish and confident about they way you look and present yourself. When people look at you, you know you'll make an impression and you know exactly why!

9. Stock Up On Essentials!

Here is a list of things you need to have in your wardrobe to make life simple. Everything from nude pumps to statement jewellery. These essential can get you through anything life throws at you - including any important interviews, dates and meetings! Just knowing that, can really help you stay calm.

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10. Define Your Personal Style!

10 daily fashion habits

We all have our sense of style, which defines our personality. So wear what you are most comfortable in, experiment - but in your comfort zone. Don't wear something you don't want to just because someone told you that you should. When you walk out the door with confidence and in the clothes of your choice, you’ll be confident and a beautiful you!

11. Organize Your Closet

Simple, yet seems like a mammoth task! Having things in a certain order will result in you wearing finding new things in your cupboard easily. Neatly ironed clothes mean you turn out smart every time. Also, with all the time you save in finding the right clothes, you’ll actually have more time to work on that ensemble instead and get yourself ready to tackle the day!

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