13 Crazy Thoughts Every Tampon Virgin Has About Using One!

13 Crazy Thoughts Every Tampon Virgin Has About Using One!
Tampons are slightly alien objects to us desi girls who have forever used sanitary pads. It’s an alternative that a LOT of us are pretty hesitant about trying, despite its famed perks. Here are 13 crazy thoughts that every tampon virgin has about using one!

1. Are tampons even available in India? If I were to ask that uncle at the pharmacy, he wouldn’t even get it! *Rolls eye*

2. But I am a virgin, and aren’t tampons only meant for girls who are sexually active?

3. Imagine not buying pads for a month and getting tampons instead… Maa would totally freak out! *chuckles*

3 tampon virgin

4. How the hell are you supposed to wear them, anyway? There is NOTHING to wear.

5. Okay, so you have to insert them inside… Um, where exactly inside?

6. Doesn’t it dangle mid-air and get in the way of your underpants and your legs...and your life? It’s like sticking an alien tube down there. *eww*

6 tampon virgin

7. This tiny little thing can’t handle the savageness of my period, surely.

8. They often have a tiny thread hanging out to help pull out the tampon later… Will I have to sit myself down and rip it off like a bandaid?! *No can do*

9. But Shruti said she is never scared of getting stains when she wears a tampon… That must be a nice feeling!

9 tampon virgin

10. And actually being able to swim while you’re on your period because of this tampon…hmm more nice feelings!

11. But how do you know when it's time to change? I can’t handle this stress.

12. How are you supposed to dump them? Wrap them in paper, or just throw them?

12 tampon virgin

13. Okay, not this month, I will try one next month. *buys two giant packets of Whisper on the next visit to the super-market*

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