7 *Intimate* Milestones To Cross With Your Guy!

7 *Intimate* Milestones To Cross With Your Guy!
A great relationship involves not just emotional intimacy, but also physical. It is always a good idea to keep things exciting in the bedroom. Here are 7 sexual milestones that every couple must cross to reach that ultimate level of comfortable and passionate love-making.

1. With lights on

Wondering why this easy peasy thing is a milestone? Well, you’d be surprised how awkward it can be to be naked and see someone else naked in bright light. The perk, however, is once you get through it successfully you reach the utmost level of comfort in your relationship.

1 couple milestones

2. Oral sex

It might sound disgusting and you might just be avoiding this moment, but there is nothing weird about oral sex. Receiving and giving oral sex can take you to a different height of satisfaction that, trust us, you might actually want to experience! *wink wink*

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3. Awkward moment in bed

Until now, you have been fixing your hair every ten minutes and holding in your farts (yes, it’s normal) - but now it’s time to face that awkward moment head on. Clothes getting stuck, breaking wind and other moments which at some point might have made you feel uncomfortable, will now only bring you tons of amusement!

3 couple milestones

4. Orgasm together

This is a tricky one and would be hard to achieve, so don’t be disheartened if you guys don’t get it right in the first go. Orgasming together takes a lot of practice and both you and your partner need to be in complete sync with each other in bed. But this is something you definitely want to keep working for!

5. Some place other than the bedroom

Spice it up a little by moving it out of the bedroom. Try doing it on the sofa in your living room, the kitchen slab, or in the shower - and you will love the excitement it brings!

5 couple milestones

6. Failed sex

No, we don’t mean bad sex is okay - but accepting that sometimes you will fail at it is the ultimate mark to a great relationship. Getting through the slight disappointment of failed sex together, without getting into a fight, is definitely an accomplishment!

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7. Trying a new position

The key to a great sex life is to keep experimenting. Every time you feel like things are getting slow or dull, try a new position. You never know what works for you and your partner!

7 couple milestones

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