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8 Ways To Get Over A Really Rough Breakup

8 Ways To Get Over A Really Rough Breakup
Relationships are an important part of many of our lives. Most of us are really sensitive when it comes to love. We tend to get insecure about our relationships and we worry a lot about our partners leaving us. But breakups are inevitable at times. You try your best to make it work but sometimes that is just not enough. You may cry for days but you have to realise soon that it is NOT worth it and that there are many more things to look forward to in life. If you’ve just been through a heartbreak, here are 8 things you can try to help yourself get over a breakup.

1. Listen to some great music

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Don’t spoil your mood by listening to sad songs about heartache. Find good, upbeat songs and make a nice playlist for yourself to feel fresh and motivated.

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2. Eat amazing food

Some of you might be feeling too sad to eat and but don’t skip your meals! Have your favourite chocolate, ice cream and everything else that makes you happy. Be kind to your tummy and your body; the breakup was not your body’s fault, so don’t punish it.

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3. Go shopping

Breakup or not, it’s always a good idea to go shopping! Never underestimate the power of retail therapy. You know it’ll make you feel good when you’re feeling down. Go shopping with your besties,so that you can get your mind off things while spending time with your favourite people.

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4. Analyze things

Think about how messed up the relationship was, why it wasn’t working and how sad you were with him. Be thankful that such negativity is out of your life. Remember, you always deserve the best of everything!

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5. Be with your squad

You can go for a girls’ day-out or plan a trip with your school or college friends. It’s better being with friends than just being alone and wallowing in sad thoughts. Party hard and dance like no one’s watching!

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6. Keep yourself busy

Don’t stay idle; it gives you time to overthink about unwanted things (like that stupid ex of yours!). Take up a hobby or learn a new language instead. Talk to your siblings, parents and friends. Be more social and keep yourself busy.

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7. Check ‘em boys out

There’s surely no harm in that, right? You don’t have to rush into another relationship, but at the same time, you don’t have to feel guilty about finding a boy cute and/or flirting with him. ;)

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8. Be your awesome self

The breakup might have been hard but it does not define who you are. Just be confident and don’t let anyone ever put you down. And remember, this too shall pass!

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Contributed by: Sejal Waghela

Sejal is currently pursuing a degree in Biotechnology at SIES College, Mumbai. She loves to read, write, sing and draw. Apart from being a daydreamer, she's a fashion junkie and a hardcore foodie!

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