AF, SO, PITA: 13 New “Words” People Are Using & What They Mean!

AF, SO, PITA: 13 New “Words” People Are Using & What They Mean!
We use them every single day. These acronyms aren’t just fun to type down, but they also get the message across in a jiffy. For those who haven’t heard about them, now you will! Here are 13 new acronyms and words everybody is using today. Time to get with it!

1. AF - As f**k

Dude! My cat is lazy AF. Get the drift, yo?!

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2. SO - Significant other

The next time someone introduces you to their ‘SO’ you’ll be prepared to smile and wave!

3. FAM - Family

Just a shorter version of family. Fam love!

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4. TBH - To be honest

When someone types this, know that they’re really honest! :P

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5. JK - Just kidding

I was jk. Well, now you know they were kidding for real.

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6. WTF - What the f**k

Timeless classic. This one can never go out of fashion. EVER.

7. JMO - Just my opinion

Some people should just keep them to themselves, right, girls?!

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8. PITA - Pain in the a**

Popularly used when someone drives you up the wall.

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9. Squad - A group of friends you gel really well with

Even POPxo has its own squad. It’s called #POPsquad... xoxoxo

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10. YAASS - Yes

It’s just another exciting way of saying “yes!”

11. Netflix and chill - Booty call alert!

Favourite series + makeout session = that’s what we’re talking about! ;)

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12. Postboned - When you’re running late due to an unexpected sex encounter

'Coz you were up all night to get lucky! ;)

13. No chill - An irrational person

Not cool. You’re not making proper sense right now.

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