12 Sweet, Special, Classic Moments For Your Wedding Album!

12 Sweet, Special, Classic Moments For Your Wedding Album!
They say life is all about moments, and on the biggest day of your life, you need someone who can capture your story. The one that spells magic. Your album shouldn’t look like a formal log – it needs to be a memoir that holds some of your dearest instants. Here’s the heads-up you need to give to your wedding photographer before s/he starts!

1. Mehendi memories

Not the obvious showing off mehendi wala poses (well, get those too) – but the ones where your friends are teasing you or when you are laughing at a silly bride joke while someone is painstakingly painting your hands. Nonchalance. That’s the key to this shot.

1classic wedding photo ideas

Image: Morvi Images

2. Friends and family helping each other get dressed up!

The camaraderie, the frenzy, the hurry, the worry – it’s all a part of the wedding madness. Add to that a few other chatty, casual moments between them. Freeze it.

2classic wedding photo ideas

Image: Chasing Light Photography

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3. The final touches

Just after you’ve gotten dressed, and are ready to wear the last piece that will complete the look – it could be anything from an earring to the dupatta over your head or the veil. If they can capture you looking in the mirror – brilliant.

3classic wedding photo ideas

Image: Cupcake Productions

4. Shoe time

Right after diamonds, shoes are a girl’s best friend, and most brides put a lot of thought and money into getting the best pair that fits for their big day. Ask your photographer to click it while you slip them on - right before you enter your new life.

4classic wedding photo ideas

Image: Anupa Shah Photography

5. Make me proud

On your big day - no one is as happy as your parents. And while they will be emotional throughout, ask your photographer to fish for the right shot. The one where they longingly look at you and their whole life as parents flashes through their minda. Their eyes will narrate that tale.

5classic wedding photo ideas

Image: Bhumi & Simran Photography

6. Floral drama

We Indians sure spend a lot on fresh flowers and decorations. Make sure you utilize them to the fullest. Have your photographer seize the essence of your decor in a few shots. You can use them as props too.

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7. Ringed!

The symbol of eternal love – needs a special place and ambience. Give it its due. And that shot when you slip the ring on each other’s fingers – simply beautiful.

7classic wedding photo ideas

Image: Morvi Images

8. The walk down the aisle

Of course you know that the bride entering the scene is one of the most crucial aspect of the show. It makes all waiting-in-anticipation heads turn. Ensure that your photographer captures the innocence, the butterflies and the joys in one of the best shots of all.

8classic wedding photo ideas

Image: Anupa Shah Photography

9. The groom’s reaction!

How can the story be complete without it? After all, you’ve waited long enough to witness that priceless look on his face!

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Image: Cupcake Productions

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10. The rituals

While most Indian ceremonies are long and tiring, it’s important to arrest that one split second, when amidst all the rituals, the bride and the groom steal a moment to look at each other. Awww!

10classic wedding photo ideas

Image: Bhumi & Simran Photography

11. The bride’s bidaai

The world over, this one is the most emotional of them all. Get a shot when the elders are blessing the couple as they start on their new life. And make sure the photographer captures all the myriad emotions.

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Image: 42fps Productions

12. The exit

Because every good story must have a happy ending!

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Image: Sonder Frames