"What's The ONE Thing You Check On His Phone?" 6 Girls Reveal… | POPxo
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"What's The ONE Thing You Check On His Phone?" 6 Girls Reveal…

"What's The ONE Thing You Check On His Phone?" 6 Girls Reveal…

We know that many girls check their boyfriends’ phones when he’s not around or sometimes even when he’s sitting right there because… Why not?! :P We don’t check it because we don’t trust them, we just do it because, well, girls do that! Some girls on Quora revealed the first thing that they check on their boyfriends’ phones, and their answers are quite honest. So, what’s the ONE thing that you do when you have his phone? You keep thinking and tell us after reading what these girls have to say…

1. Abhilasha Sharma says...

I don’t check his phone. EVER! Even when I have his phone and he’s not around, I just browse through his photo gallery and delete all the ugly pictures of me that he had clicked. And if I find a good picture of him, then I just send it to myself. Trust me, checking someone's phone without him/her knowing, is a terrible idea. If you start doing that, you'll soon want their passwords too, which is not okay! That's my perspective. checking his phone

2. Kanchan Saxena says...

I check his messages and forward all the double-meaning ones to myself, so that I can send them to my girlfriends. He doesn't forward those messages to me. I also delete my pictures from his phone, the ones that I don't like. Sometimes, I change his password just for fun. :P checking his phone Also read: What Changes When You Go From Being His Girlfriend To His Wife?

3. Parul Agarwal says…

I don’t check his phone, but there are a few things that I do when I get his phone. I take a million selfies and flood his gallery with them. And sometimes, I post my selfies on his Snapchat story.
checking his phone

4. Shanmugapriya Sankar says…

I go through his photo gallery to see the latest pictures that he has clicked. And sometimes I go through his whatsapp group chats for some gossip. When he used an old Nokia phone, I wrote romantic messages as reminders and then set them up (to appear on the screen) for 1 am or 2 am. checking his phone

5. Goodwood Cena says…

I take selfies from this phone and then set them as his phone wallpaper. I also like all my pictures on instagram from his account. Then, I usually go through his music library to find new songs that i can add to my playlist. And sometimes, I change his password so that he would give me a kiss to know what his password is. checking his phone Also read: How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love In An Arranged Marriage?

6. Anonymous says…

I read his whatsapp messages whenever I get his phone. Yes, I do! When he’s away, when he’s sitting with me, and he knows it. I do this because I love to read all the jokes that he doesn’t send to me, because he doesn’t have time, so I just read them on his phone. He has a whatsapp group with all his guy friends, and I secretly read their conversations and now i understand most of their *inside* jokes! :P
checking his phone You can read the full thread here on Quora. GIFs: Tumblr
Published on Jul 27, 2016
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