The *Perfect* Fashion Essentials For The Girl Who Loves Black! | POPxo
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The *Perfect* Fashion Essentials For The Girl Who Loves Black!

The *Perfect* Fashion Essentials For The Girl Who Loves Black!

It can be the coldest winter day or the hottest summer day - your outfit can't not have black in it! If your wardrobe is sectioned into “black” and “everything else”, then these amazing essentials are right up your alley! We know you'll want to buy them all as soon as you see them - presenting some fabulous wardrobe essentials for the girl who loves black!

1. The Black Dress For Every Occasion

1 black wardrobe essentials Every girl needs an LBD. But you need, like, FIVE of them. It's what you turn to every time there is a surprise scene with your friends and it's what you pack when you travel literally anywhere. So this stunning number is a shoo in for LBD No. 6. POPxo Recommends: RARE Military Plunge Mini Dress (Rs 2,695)

2. The Bag That Holds It Together

2 black wardrobe essentials Bags come in all shapes and sizes - but all those shapes and sizes need to be in the colour black when it comes to you. Easily the best looking one, you never have to wonder about it not going with your outfit - and this one is just edgy enough to be super functional yet look very trendy! POPxo Recommends: NEW LOOK Eyelet Detail Duffle Bag (Rs 2,495)  

3. The Top That Plays Back-Up

3 black wardrobe essentials A plain black isn’t just an essential for you, it’s essential for every girl. You just happen to have a couple of them already - but the reason you need this one is because it serves all your formal AND your casual needs.
POPxo Recommends: New Look Black Top (Rs 1,521)

4. The Pumps That Help You Pump it Up

4 black wardrobe essentials If you’ve got to wear heels for an occasion, they better be black or you’re not gonna be happy! Not only does this pair of classic pumps help your legs look super sexy but they also make you feel happy about wearing heels! POPxo Recommends: Dorothy Perkins Black Stilettos (Rs 1,975)

5. The Skinny Jeans You Can Live In

5 black wardrobe essentials There isn’t anything like skinny jeans - if we had to pick one thing to wear everywhere, it would be these skinny jeans (well, technically, it would be pajamas but that isn’t socially acceptable yet). They’re slimming, they look hot and they can be worn practically every day! POPxo Recommends: TOPSHOP Black High Rise Skinny Jeans (Rs 2,793)

6. The Swimsuit That Beats All Swimsuits

6 black wardrobe essentials Swimsuits can be daunting. They hug every curve and every valley like second skin and it’s not always a comfortable feeling to feel that exposed. If you don’t want to head straight for the water, this one might be the swimsuit you’re looking for! It provides coverage yet is stylish, simple but a classic!
POPxo Recommends: Vero Moda Black Solid Beachwear (Rs 998)

7. The Kurta You’ll Want To Wear Every Day

7 black wardrobe essentials Every girl needs a kurta she can wear when she wants to look good, has literally 60 seconds to be out of the door and maybe isn’t waxed. Throw this one over your regular jeans or churidaars for completely different looks - the kurta is flattering, makes an impression and will last you a long time! POPxo Recommends: Aana Silk Maxi Length Kurta (Rs 2,699)

8. The Flats That Fit You Perfectly

8 black wardrobe essentials When it comes to essentials, there is one that’s more necessary than others - a pair of black flats! And if the pair can be worn with your western as well as fusion wear (like this one!), then you’re gold, girl! POPxo Recommends: MY FOOT COUTURE Multi Strap Flat Sandals (Rs 1,299)

9. The Skirt That Gets You Places

9 black wardrobe essentials No wardrobe is complete without a pencil skirt these days. And if you haven’t got yours yet, then here’s one that’ll make a great impression wherever you go - from an internship interview to a cool college party! You can rock this anywhere!
POPxo Recommends: FOREVER NEW Rib Pencil Skirt (Rs 2,200)

10. The Sunglasses That Make A Statement

10 black wardrobe essentials When your sunglasses speak of your style, the rest of your outfit just gets with that rhythm. And even if you’re wearing them just to shade your eyes from the glaring sun, who said they couldn’t still be black and totally glam?! POPxo Recommends: Vintage Shock Glasses (Rs 1,500)
Published on Jul 8, 2016
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