10 Lacy Lingerie Sets - Perfect For The Bride To Be!

10 Lacy Lingerie Sets - Perfect For The Bride To Be!
Let’s admit it - most of us ladies have a weakness for beautiful, delicate lacy bras and panties. And when it comes to preparing our trousseaus, gorgeous lingerie sets is basically essential. So we’re here to make all your lovely-in-lace dreams dreams come true with our list of the best lingerie sets for the bride to be!

1. Bold in black

best lingerie sets 1

Who can resist the allure of sexy black lingerie? We sure can’t. Especially not when it comes in this delicate design with that lacy detailing.

Price: Rs 1,270. Buy it here.

2. Delicate in pink  

best lingerie sets 2

The blend of pink and white lace is just so incredibly princessy and bridal! This underwired bra and the boy-shorts confection looks utterly delicious - as tempting as your fav cupcake!

Price: Rs 1,470. Buy it here.

3. A hint of mint

best lingerie sets 3

This wirefree, delicate mint three-fourths bra with the matching hipster panties is what comfortable-yet-subtly-sexy dreams are made of. Buy this now!

Price: Rs 438. Buy it here.

4. Regal in purple

best lingerie sets 4

The unusual colour is what sets this one aside as a must-have. We want this one now - it’s too majestic to resist!

Price: Rs 425. Buy it here.

5. Sensual in brown

best lingerie sets 5

Brown doesn’t sound all that sexy when you think of the colour - except when it comes as an elegant bikini-and-bra set that’s just so...ladylike! This set is a classic one for your wardrobe.

Price: Rs 550. Buy it here.

6. The colour of love...

best lingerie sets 6

This delicate red set is all you need to feel glamorous no matter what you’re wearing on the outside. And that bow-detail at the centre of the bra - just the right amount of flirty, we think!

Price: Rs 375. Buy it here.  

7. Pretty, pretty rose

best lingerie sets 7

This dusky rose set is a fab option for your everyday lingerie needs. Feel pretty in the morning as soon as you slip into it!

Price: Rs 395. Buy it here.

8. Seal the deal with teal

best lingerie sets 8

This colour is so striking, and so is the lacework! For the girl who wants to look sexy without revealing all - this one is an amazing pick!

Price: Rs 385. Buy it here

9. Basic-ally amazing!.

best lingerie sets 9

Forget white, this beige number is all you need for your everyday needs. Longline, lacy and a little pink bow - this is perfect!

Price: Rs 1,640. Buy it here.

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10. Daring in maroon

best lingerie sets 10

Not all brides are blushing ones - and even if you are, a little raciness never hurt anyone! This half-coverage bra and tiny-bikini set is perfect for when you want to get things sizzling!

Price: Rs 358. Buy it here.