7 Important Tips To Find That *Perfect* Lehenga!

7 Important Tips To Find That *Perfect* Lehenga!
It’s every bride’s dream to find that perfect lehenga, the kind that she stares at a bit longer when she spots something close to what she fell in love with in pages of a magazine or on the web.  She collects these thoughts, images and saves them and hopes they help her find what she wants when the time comes! There are always a few doubts and questions about how to make that dream come true, and we’re here to help you make that a bit simple! Read to find out...

1. Collect reference pictures

Whenever you do find something close to what you want your dream lehenga to look like, save those pictures. They can be magazines cuttings, pictures you spot online or something you saw at the store. Save these images so that when it’s the right time, you’ve got images to explain what you’re looking for!

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2. Follow your fav designers/ stores on social media

To find out what the latest collection looks like, what the new trends are, whether there are sales going on, or what is going to be in vogue. You need to stalk them designers. We kid you not, once you’ve done your research well, you’ll know exactly where to get what you want!

3. Fix your budget before you set out

It’s a difficult thing to put a cap to it, but planning an estimated outer limit is advisable so that you aren’t in for a rude shock later. After all, the lehenga isn’t the only thing you’re going to buy, right? If you really like something and it’s turning out to be way beyond your budget, go with that idea to designers who work on lower budgets (or even a really good tailor). I’m sure they’ll be able to create something spectacular for you!

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4. Time is important

Given all the other things that need to be planned, this actually is essential. Your makeup, jewellery, shoes, the rest of your outfits -  these follow after you’ve chosen this one! The key is to give yourself ample time so that you get what you really want and not compromise on anything! Sometimes, tailors do mess up, so keep a margin! Don’t rush things and try to get your lehenga done in a week - that way lies disappointment and stress.

5. Are your measurements likely to change?

Planning to get a lehenga made 6 months before the wedding isn’t ideal if you’re planning to change your fitness regime for the wedding. If you are exercising, going on a diet, etc., obviously your measurements will change and the fit of the lehenga will go for a toss. So keep this in mind before setting out to get the perfect lehenga. Start doing your research early, but don’t actually buy or have it tailored until you’re confident that the lehenga won’t need major alterations right before the wedding.

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6. Handpick a few options only

It can get very confusing and hectic if you make a list of 20 stores to check out. You’ll feel harrowed by the sheer number of choices available, and this will not be productive at all. So choose some of the best options and go for it. It’s going to make this journey less tedious and more exciting! Make sure not to get too many opinions from people as well - discuss your options and get feedback from a specific few people whose opinions you want and trust.  

7. Be flexible

Having said all of the above... While it’s very important to have an image in mind about what you want your wedding outfit to look like, it’s not always possible to get exactly that in reality. Bend a little, you might actually find something more beautiful if you’re flexible and willing to looking at new things. Sometimes what we’re looking for isn’t always the best for us - better things might be in store!

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