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13 Signs You Have The Best Boyfriend EVER!

13 Signs You Have The Best Boyfriend EVER!
Ladies, if you have a bae who is practically the world’s best boyfriend, then don’t let him go unappreciated! How to know if you have the best partner? Well here’s a list of 13 signs that you are dating an awesome guy. If you agree with most or all of them, don’t wait till next Valentine’s to say “thank you”!

1. Wordless hugs

If you are having a bad day at work or have had a fight at home or you are going through a rough patch, he holds you tight in his arms without any questions. Yup, that tight hug actually helps ease worries and shows how well he understands you. best boyfriend ever

2. That time of the month...

Your guy may not even have a clue about what you go through but he still tries to make an effort to comfort you. If he’s patient with all your PMS mood swings and if he gets you junk food, chocolates and ice-cream - NEVER let him go!

3. Sharing is caring

If he lets you eat from his plate every time, even after you’ve ordered your favourite dish at the restaurant of your choice, then you are one lucky girl! best boyfriend ever 2

4. Chivalrous to the core

Who says chivalry is dead? Your guy is a total gentleman, who opens doors for you and even pulls out the chair for you at restaurants, even though he knows you are more than capable of doing it yourself. #goals

5. Makes you his priority

If he cancels his plans with friends just to see you for that one day in the week, then you can be sure that he does prioritise your time together. What are you waiting for...
best boyfriend ever 3

6. True gentleman

The best boyfriends never pressure their girls and are understanding about their limits. If your guy lets your relationship move at a pace you are comfortable with, thank him for being such a true gentleman.

7. PDA all the way!

If he’s not stingy with forehead kisses and cuddles, even in front of his friends, your friends or friend’s friends, then know that he wants the world to know you’re his girl. best boyfriend ever 4

8. Patience personified

If he patiently waits for you while you take forever to get ready trying to get that perfect winged eyeliner look, then he’s a keeper. Thank him right now!

9. Ends the fights

When you guys fight, and you are too stubborn to say sorry, and he apologises just to see you smile, you have a great partner. To set aside one’s own ego and apologize when it isn’t even one’s fault is a great thing! best boyfriend ever 5

10. Safety first

If your guy drops you home at night and waits till you get inside even though he has to travel all the way back to his own place, he really cares for you. He never complains about it even when he is tired? Mark of a great guy.

11. Ever ready with the camera

We all love taking selfies but all guys aren’t really a fan of it. But if your man is always ready to take selfies with you (even when he’s not in the mood!) or to click pictures of you with your girlfriends, (think ‘Baby one more, my hair was messed up in the last one’) he’s one helluva guy.
best boyfriend ever 6

12. Best shopping partner

If he goes out shopping with you, waits patiently for hours outside the changing room and helps you select all your clothes - THAT is a perfect boyfriend! He’s done this even though all he probably wanted to do was lay on the couch, with you of course.

13. Unending support

If he gives you his shoulder to lean on, to cry on or to sleep on without hesitation, just know that you have a great bae. He knows you get crazy at times but you are worth all the trouble. Let him know that you will always have his back, make him laugh and support him the way he supports you. best boyfriend ever 7 Contributed by: Chandni Wadera Chandni  is a graduate of Gargi College, Delhi University. A true Capricorn and knows the difference between your and you're! Highly ambitious and is glued to her new found love for Instagram. She loves to bake and is ever-ready to show off her Zumba moves. She has a passion for writing and forever dreams about travelling the world. Her pug "Cheeku" is her mini world. MUST-READ: 7 Things You’ll Relate To If You Hang Out With An Older Crowd! MUST-READ: #WhatWomenWant: How to Be the Best Boyfriend Ever!