#WhatWomenWant: How to Be the Best Boyfriend Ever!

#WhatWomenWant: How to Be the Best Boyfriend Ever!
There is a fine line between being in love with someone, and loving someone. While you may love a lot of people, there is always someone special you fall madly in love with. And these women in your life deserve all the love, care, attention, and understanding that you can muster up. So, to nudge you in the right direction, here’s how you can be the best boyfriend ever. Read on…

1. Just Listen, Okay?

We all love to talk. And we are not asking you to stop talking. But it is also important to lend a patient ear to what your partner says. Remember, communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Hear her out - even if it is a rant, a whim, everyday banter, or a random quirk. There is nothing uncool or ‘un-manly’ in being understanding.

best boyfriend ever

2. Express Your Love

Don’t shy away from expressing your love, whether in private or even on social media. A loving post on Facebook, or an admiration-filled comment on her latest Instagram post will always bring a smile to her face. After all who wouldn’t be thrilled to have someone publicly declare their love for you every once in a while!

3. The Ex-quisite Exploits

When talking, keeping in touch, or meeting your ex, make sure you are being transparent with your partner to ensure things don’t get bitter. If she is insecure about your ex, it might just be better to keep your distance from her.

best boyfriend ever

4. Flirt Alert

Guys, now that you have a wonderful woman in your life, please tone down the flirting. And yes, one can be charming to other women without flirting. Even if you do slip a little, and indulge in some healthy, safe flirting, take a call on whether to tell her or not. If you don’t plan on repeating this ever, you may give sharing the story a miss.

5. Suspicion Suspension

Being jealous is one thing, but being suspicious is something entirely different. You are allowed to be jealous, but once you start suspecting her, you are bound to over-react and jump to rushed and most likely incorrect conclusions. Learn to trust her, as she learns to trust you too.

best boyfriend ever

6. The Three Words

This may sound corny, but do make sure to say “I love you” to her from time to time. Asserting and affirming your love is the greatest sense of security you can provide her with.

7. Break the Routine

Things only get boring if you allow them to. Plan on surprises - unexpected dinners, short road trips. Be spontaneous and do something you have never done before - like impulsively book tickets for a weekend getaway.

best boyfriend ever

8. She’s My Girl

When introducing her to friends and acquaintances, mention that she is your better half. You are at the said place together, and if she is a stranger to many there, help her be as comfortable as possible - people might not remember her name instantly, but will still identify her as your girlfriend.

9. Extend the Love

While meeting her family and friends, be on your best behaviour. Be nice and accommodating, even if you don’t get along with everyone immediately. She will do the same for you, so put in that extra effort.

best boyfriend ever

10. Space Age

Our modern lifestyles demand that we demarcate and allow ourselves some alone time and space. If she is going out with her girlfriends, don’t bug her constantly with texts and phone calls. Instead make plans with your own guy friends.

11. Dress Up

While there is nothing wrong with preferring to be in your jeans and t-shirt, you should be willing to dress for the occasion. Attending a party together? Put on a nice outfit. Going to meet her family? Pick out a great suit. A well-dressed man is also a well-regarded one!

best boyfriend ever

12. Be Supportive

Always take her side, and defend her arguments in public. If you don’t agree with something she says, reserve that conversation for later, when you guys are alone. She will always appreciate you doing that!

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