7 AMAZING Body Mists To Smell Great All Day - All Under Rs 600!

7 AMAZING Body Mists To Smell Great All Day - All Under Rs 600!
For us Indians, it’s practically summer all year round... Well, almost! Here are 7 body mists that will keep you smelling sweet and fresh even on a hot, sticky day. And the best part about them? They’re all under Rs. 600! Affordable, fresh and fragrant - they should be an essential part of your handbag to keep you cool!

1. Wottagirl Body Spray Vanilla Twist

1 best body mists

Vanilla is a refreshing scent, especially if you want a break from floral fragrances. This body mist is fun and feminine and so easy to carry around!

Price: Rs. 195. Buy it here.

2. Fabindia Island Mist Body Spray

2 best body mists

A mild and pleasant mist, perfect for the girl who likes it natural and unfussy! Use it after a shower and top up through the day to feel refreshed - always!

Price: Rs. 225. Buy it here.

3. Oisis Citrus Chill Body Mist

3 best body mists

Is there anything more refreshing than a nice, citrus fragrance? If there is, please let us know about it too. In the meantime, use the Oisis body mist to stay cool and fresh through these humid days.

Price: Rs. 249. Buy it here.

4. Pink Mud Body Mist Sassy

4 best body mists

We want to get this mist just for its cute packaging! Amber and floral notes come together in this mist to give you a fabulous fragrance.

Price: Rs. 299. Buy it here.

5. The Nature's Co. Passion Fruit-Pineapple Body Mist

5 best body mists

Passion fruit and pineapple together? That’s a "Yes" from us! This body mist from the Nature’s Co. is sure to rejuvenate you when you spray it on. It also comes with the moisturizing properties of aloe vera, so that’s a double bonus for you.

Price: Rs. 525. Buy it here.

6. Chambor Geneva Tender Tuberose Body Mist

6 best body mists

We’re loving this mild and floral fragrance from Chambor. Very refreshing after a long day in the sun, we say it’s a must-have for your beauty bag!

Price: Rs. 595. Buy it here.

7. Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon Body Mist

7 best body mists

Just the name is so delicate and gorgeous that we want it! This body mist from Bath & Body Works is perfect for when you want a burst of freshness.

Price: Rs. 572. Buy it here.
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