My Beauty Diaries: A Simple and Must-try Home Remedy for Frizzy Hair

My Beauty Diaries: A Simple and Must-try Home Remedy for Frizzy Hair
I have a love-hate relationship with my hair. Like every other girl, I have good hair days and bad hair days. But sadly for me, I used to have more bad hair days than good! I have an oily scalp and dry ends, and on top of that, I have frizzy hair that is difficult to tame. I actually like my wavy hair but the frizziness makes it pretty unmanageable. I tried tons of shampoos, hair serums and conditioners, and not to mention innumerable home remedies, but nothing worked on my stubborn scalp and dry hair. It was impossible for me to leave my hair open and if I did, I looked like Hagrid. No kidding!

One day when I was getting ready for college, my mother saw me struggling with my hair and suggested that I start using a tea leaves and lemon conditioner. At that time I had long hair and the ends resembled a broom - I was up for any home remedy for frizzy hair. My mother, like me, has wavy and frizzy hair and this is what she used to do in her teens to tame her mane.

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So one Sunday I decided to give this homemade remedy to treat my frizzy hair. It’s actually quite easy to make. All you have to do is boil some water and add tea leaves to it. Once the colour of the water turns brown, add a few drops of lemon juice and let it cool.

Internal tame my frizzy hair

After I was done shampooing, I rinsed my hair with this special conditioner and washed it off after a minute or so. I must have done it for three weeks on alternate days, but I couldn’t see any kind of improvement. I was frustrated as another attempt to tame frizzy hair and make my mane look better had failed, as always.

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But, I soon realized that to treat frizzy hair, all I needed was patience. The skin takes time to get used to certain products and that’s what happened with my hair. After a month or so of using this conditioner, I noticed a decrease in hair fall. Also, my dry and rough hair started looking healthy and had even gained a bit of volume and shine. I really appreciated this new volume when I moved to Mumbai for a year and was exposed to humidity 24/7. Finally a home remedy for frizzy hair worked for me!

I’ve been applying this conditioner for over a year now and it has definitely tamed my frizzy hair, I can now leave my hair open whenever I like. Thanks to the amazing qualities of tea leaves and lemon, my faith in homemade remedies has been restored.