#BeautyDiaries: How Haldi Banished My Acne & Cleared Up My Skin!

#BeautyDiaries: How Haldi Banished My Acne & Cleared Up My Skin!
I always had normal skin. My mom had blessed me with her clear skin genes. Occasional pimples here and there are bound to appear, and never really bothered me. I never really did anything special to take care of my skin, just a few face clean-ups at the parlour every now and then. Everything was going well, till about a few years back when I suddenly started noticing a few pimples on my face. Thinking them to be an off and on thing, I ignored them for a few days. Weeks passed and my pimples refused to go away. There was a patch of pimples on the right side of my cheek. This eventually raised a panic alarm for me!

I visited my skin doctor and wanted her to quickly do something and help me get rid of my pimples. She gave me two options: steroids for quick results or going natural for slow results. I chose the natural way. She gave me a few vitamins and a face pack and advised me to be patient and that soon my skin would be back to normal. Patience? What? That clearly was asking for too much out of me!

internal turmeric for clear skin

My mom came to my rescue at this time! She suggested that I include ‘haldi’ or turmeric in my daily routine. We all of course know the benefits of turmeric in our country and how it has proven to be beneficial for various disorders, thanks to its antibacterial properties. For skin too, turmeric has its benefits: its antibacterial and antifungal nature helps in killing the bacteria that causes breakouts and its antioxidant properties prevent any such breakouts in the future. Haldi is also applied on brides before their wedding to give their skin an instant glow, but obviously we cannot apply the paste every single day. So, I started having lukewarm milk with a pinch of turmeric every night. I literally used to hold my nose and gulp it down since I can’t stand the smell of plain milk. I kept a piece of something yummy next to me and used to eat it as soon as I finished gulping down the milk. Mothers are never wrong, and even though it took time for me to notice the effects of ‘haldi doodh’, it surely was a miracle for my skin.

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There are lots of turmeric face packs available in the market which will give you an instant glow, but drinking ‘haldi doodh’ will help your skin from the inside. Cleopatra took turmeric milk baths for soft and glowing skin; we surely can drink a glass of it at night. Plus, it even aids weight loss, girls. ;)

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It has been almost 4 years, and I have been having ‘haldi doodh’ every single night before going to bed, and trust me, it does wonders and works from within to clean and purify your skin. It’s no wonder then that haldi and its miraculous effects have been discussed for almost 4,000 years now!