“Meraki” & 9 Other Beautiful Words To Steal From Other Languages

“Meraki” & 9 Other Beautiful Words To Steal From Other Languages

So what if we can’t learn all the many beautiful languages the world has to offer? We can still borrow their precious words and add them to our own vocabulary. Specially those words that we didn’t know are just apt to describe some of our feelings. Here are 10 such magical words from other languages:

1. Hiraeth (Welsh)

That feeling when you long for a place that you can’t go back to, because it doesn’t exist anymore. It lives in your memory, in your past and however much you may want to, you can’t bring it back, because time changes everything.

2. Fernweh (German)

That feeling when you long to go to a place you have never been to. Or, simply wanderlust for a far-off place that you are dying to visit.

2 words from other languages

3. Meraki (Greek)

That feeling when you pour yourself into your work, and give it your everything - your soul, your passion, your love.

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4. Gigil (Filipino)

That feeling when you find someone or something SO irresistibly cute that you want to hug, kiss or squeeze it and just kinda hold it for a while or show it some love.

4 words from other languages

5. Moledro (Portuguese)

That feeling when you see/read/watch a work of art and feel an instant connection with the artist, who you may never meet, who may have lived a century ago. Something about his experience gives you the feeling that someone, somewhere understands exactly what you are going through.

6. Hygge (Danish)

That feeling when you are living a moment that makes you feel quite happy and content with life. It may simply be sharing food with loved ones on a cold winter evening - but you realise that it’s perfect and you brim with happiness.

6 words from other languages

7. Saudade (Portuguese)

That feeling when you feel nostalgic about someone or something you loved and lost, and long to be near/with them again. Or, when simply put, it means “love that remains”

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8. Tuqburni (Arabic)

That feeling when you love someone so deeply, that you can’t imagine your life without him/her. It literally translates to “you bury me”

 8 words from other languages

9. Oodal (Tamil)

That feeling when lovers try and get fake angry at each other after a small tiff, only to see how far their partners will go to appease them.

10. Kilig (Filipino)

That feeling when “butterflies flutter in your stomach” and you feel mad joy at meeting a loved one, or experiencing something romantic.

10 words from other languages

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