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7 AWESOME Ideas To Plan A Birthday Surprise For Your Guy!

7 AWESOME Ideas To Plan A Birthday Surprise For Your Guy!

It goes without saying that your birthday is definitely the most special and exciting day for you. But if we were to come up with the second most important birthday (and by that we mean one that you need to plan as specially and meticulously as you would for your birthday) it’s got to be your boyfriend’s. And let’s face it, sometimes planning the perfect birthday for him can be very stressful. Before you begin to scratch your head over this, we present to you some awesome celebration ideas for your boyfriend’s birthday!

1. A getaway with close friends

Plan a fun, adventure-filled trip with him and his close friends. Make bookings in advance (refundable ones, just in case!) and book yourselves for the bungee jumping he’s always wanted to do or the deep sea diving you both have been planning since forever. 1 birthday celebration ideas for your boyfriend

2. A party with his friends and a PlayStation4 tournament

If he’s the gaming sort, nothing can be more fun than this. Even if you’re not into it, take part in the challenge and plan a PS4 tournament with his gaming friends and him. He’s bound to love this birthday, especially watching you take part in something he loves - just for him!

3. A collection of personal notes for him

Boys aren’t usually as emotional as some of us girls can be... Or, at least, they don’t like to show it as much. This will require some amount of effort – you’ll have to get all his loved ones to write sweet little notes to him and compile them in a beautiful diary. Reading those will definitely make him feel great, and who’s to say, it may even bring that tear of joy. 3 birthday celebration ideas for your boyfriend

4. A naughty surprise

Maybe something he’s been asking for, for a while, but you were just waiting for that special moment. This is the day, ladies! Plan his most recent fantasy and surprise him with it. Let go of your inhibitions and put the “lucky” back in his "lucky day"!
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5. Birthday extension

Instead of cramming lots in one day, start the celebration 2-3 days in advance, and carry them on till 1-2 days after the special day. Essentially, give him a birthday week! Needless to say, the actual date’s got to be made the most special - but the lead up will be equally memorable. 5 birthday celebration ideas for your boyfriend

6. Gift hunt for him

Just the way we had treasure hunts at kiddie birthday parties, this one’s bound to bring out the excited kid in him. The clues and notes can be written in a manner to excite him further and make him feel special. But the gift better be worth all the effort he puts in, girls! Also read: 9 Sweet Things You Can Do For His Birthday!

7. His favourite movie theme party

There’s got to be that one movie he’s crazy about. Plan a party based on that and his day will be made! And yes, this means you have to dress up as the actress in the movie. His mind will be blown! 7 birthday celebration ideas for your boyfriend GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy
Published on Jul 14, 2016
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