“NO Boys” & 8 Other Arguments We All Have With Our Landlords! | POPxo
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“NO Boys” & 8 Other Arguments We All Have With Our Landlords!

“NO Boys” & 8 Other Arguments We All Have With Our Landlords!

When we finally grow up, we realize that being an adult isn’t as fun as we had imagined it to be. Apparently, even in the adult world, you cannot live as you like and do what you want to do - especially if you are living away from home! As if it wasn’t already hard enough with all the cooking, and washing and waking up on your own, our landlords/landladies take it upon themselves to make life just a little more difficult. We bet you have had one, or all of these arguments with your landlord/landlady!

1. The “No Guys In The House” Argument!

Seriously, what is with this? We understand your concern about our security, but we are grown ups and it’s not like we are going to invite every Tom, Dick and Harry over for dinner, right? Calm your tempers, dear landlords. They’re just our friends…not dinosaurs! 1 arguments we have with our landlords

2. The “Don’t Come Home So Late” Argument!

Moral policing? Is that why you say that? Because I don’t exactly come home beating a drum - so it’s not like I disturb you!

3. The “You Are Using Up Too Much Water” Argument When Your Guests Come Over!

Your kid - Chintu - was washing his brand new bicycle on the road, for like an hour! And one guest using water from your precious tank for a couple of days is bothering you? 3 arguments we have with our landlords

4. The “Too Much Noise” Argument!

Dear uncle ji, for most days of the month your snores are louder than our music (no offence, but really!). So on those rare days when I have lil parties with my roomies, you can surely ignore the noise, right?
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5. The “You Have Broken It” Argument!

How, just how could we have possibly broken the geyser? Just in case you haven’t noticed, we can’t reach it. The poor thing is like a decade old, it is bound to get fractured some day! 5 arguments we have with our landlords

6. The “Rent Dedo” Argument

We are living in the house and we won’t disappear overnight, will we? We need to get our salaries before we can pay the rent. So calm your hair follicles and peace out!

7. The “Don’t Drill Any Holes Or Stick Anything On The Walls” Argument

Okay, this one we get. But what’s with the threats?! You can kiss your walls for all we care, but don’t give us a lecture about the same thing every time you see us! 7 arguments we have with our landlords

8. The “Security Money” Argument

We paid you a security amount, and now we are leaving -  just give it back already! It’s annoying when you try to deduct money just because one of the holes in your shower head is blocked!
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9. The “Electricity Bill” Argument

You have a 3 BHK house and your meter runs like a turtle, and I live in a 1 BHK and my meter runs like a roadrunner. Why exactly do you think it works like that?! No wonder my electricity bill is a nightmare! 9 arguments we have with our landlords GIFs: Giphy
Published on Jul 31, 2016
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