9 Kinds Of Annoying Friends *Every* Boyfriend Has - UFF!

9 Kinds Of Annoying Friends *Every* Boyfriend Has - UFF!
Every girl who has been with a guy for a long time knows that he has various types of annoying friends. Yes, there are different kinds! Some of them are less annoying, but some of them even haunt us in our dreams. Here are 9 annoying types of friends that EVERY boyfriend has and his girlfriend *secretly* hates…

1. The second girlfriend…

This is the friend who keeps calling him after every 5 minutes (or even more frequently). It’s like he can’t even pee without telling him. He’ll call him when you’re making out, when you’re fighting - and no matter what you’re doing, you’ll see his phone buzzing and THAT annoying name flashing on the screen!

2. The one who tags along EVERYWHERE!

The word “privacy” doesn’t exist for this person. So, no matter where you two are planning to go, he’ll go with you (just like the little “hutch” puppy). And if by any chance you go somewhere alone - he’ll surprise you! He’s somewhat playing Vikram-Betaal with you two…

annoying types of friends 2

3. The SINGLE one!

This is that person, who is tired of being single (but won’t admit it) and asks you to introduce him to your *hot* single friends, every time you meet him. He’s the one who’ll keep telling your boyfriend how amazing it is to be single and pities him for being in a relationship (Yep! He has a seat reserved in hell)!

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4. The one who spills all the secrets...

Well, it’s good to know your boyfriend’s secrets, isn’t it?! But it’s annoying not knowing whether the secret that this friend of his has spilled is true, or he’s just lying and having fun by creating an awkward situation for the two of you… He’ll say something and then he’ll be like “I was just kidding”... So you never know when he’s serious and when he’s not!

annoying types of friends 4

5. Mr. Social media!

Initially, this person will be nice to you. He’ll add you on his social media accounts and then…he’ll add your friends to flirt with them! He doesn’t just irritate you, this is the person who irritates even your friends!  

6. The PJ king!

This friend has a very poor sense of humor and he talks a lot - he just doesn’t know when to shut the fu*k up and he’ll annoy everyone with his lame jokes (which btw, he thinks are hilarious).

annoying types of friends 6

7. The alcohol addict.

This friend loves his alcohol (nothing wrong with that), but he’ll get your boyfriend beyond drunk everytime he’s with him too. You’re not a fan.

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8. The street fighter.

This is that friend who always gets himself into trouble and then calls his friends for help. He picks a fight with people for no reason and then calls his “bros” to fight back for him!

annoying types of friends 8

9. That ONE girl!

This is the MOST annoying type of friend. This is that girl who’s very close to your boyfriend and you know that she’s trying to hit on him - but well, she’s “like a sister” to him. (Actually, she’s also type 1, 2 and 3!!)

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