13 Things Every Marwari Girl Is Tired Of Hearing!

13 Things Every Marwari Girl Is Tired Of Hearing!
Marwaris are a lovely community and they have made their way to different parts of the world thanks to their credibility and business acumen. But there are certain stereotypes that should just find their way out of the door. We girls do get tired of hearing this over and over again. Here are 13 things we wish people stopped telling us!

1. “You must be having Bhujia everyday, no?”

No! We do love bhujiya, especially the bikaneri ones, but we don’t live on it. But, you can thank us for this special dish!

2. “You are 27 years old, how come you’re not married yet?”

Simply because age is not directly proportional to getting married. It’s when you feel like settling down with the right partner.

3. “Have you already visited the Char Dham?”

I have, actually visited more than the four dhams. But, it’s not the best assumption to make. Some of us are very religious, but it’s still a choice.

3 things marwari girls hear

4. “Oh, you are a marwari, so you are definitely not going to eat non-veg?”

I mean technically, yes, but then again, it’s a personal choice.

5. “Arey, she’ll use her maru streak to find us a cheap deal!”

Yes, saving money is something we are taught from the start, but it’s not synonymous with us being kanjoos or anything! So, please don’t get confused about that!

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6. “Tumhari shaadi pe, sone mein tolenge tumhe, haina?”

WTF? Our families are also broad minded. And there will be no such thing. Some lavish celebrations if you’ve got the money, is completely fair. 6 things marwari girls hear

7. “Will you also be joining the family business?”

Yes, I would love to join the family business, if I can add value to it. But I might be interested in completely different things, so I might give that a shot instead!

8. “Once you get married, will you be allowed to wear western clothes?”

We will. The only thing to remember is that there is a time and place for everything.

9. “Is your favourite dish dal-batti-churma?”

It is a delicacy, no doubt and most of us like it too. But we do have food that is not ghee laden and as sweet as this everyday. We enjoy this rich dish sometimes.'

9 things marwari girls hear

10. “Your wedding will be extra fancy, I’m sure!”

My wedding will the way my partner and I plan it. Fancy or not, doesn’t really matter!

11. “So, you can only get married to someone from the same caste?”

As honourable as that is, our parents are very open to love marriages too, considering the boy is ideal for me.

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12. “Your papa must be minting money!”

My papa works hard to make that money, he has seen hard times too. So, we don’t really have a money making machine in the house. That’s why we like to save!

12 things marwari girls hear

13. “You’ll get a lot of jewellery when you get married?”

Again, it’s not a thing that has to happen. It’s not a mandate, really!

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