8 Cute & Sexy Games To Play With Your Guy!

8 Cute & Sexy Games To Play With Your Guy!
Apart from candlelight dinners, sweet gestures and mushy compliments, do you know what will bring you and your man closer? Games, of course! Not only will you get to know him better, but it’ll also bring you closer as a couple. Here are 8 amazing couple games to play with your favourite person. Have fun, you two!

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1. The 7 second challenge!

The game is fun, fresh, and beyond cute! It’s about challenging your man and seeing if he manages to nail it in just 7 seconds. If he doesn’t, you get a point and vice versa. Use your imagination and put your creativity to test while throwing challenges at him. May the best person win!

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2. 20 Questions!

If you’re good at guessing and you and your guy love brainy games, then this one’s perfect! It starts off where one person thinks of an object, person, idea or animal, and it’s the other person’s job to narrow it down and guess it in 20 questions. Imagine playing the ‘naughty’ version of it! ;)

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3. The dice of love

You need to let your imagination run wild for this one! You need two dice and a sheet of paper to play this game. Make 2 columns; and on one side, write your fantasies (hug, kiss, touch) and on the other side, the location of where you want to do them (kitchen, closet, dining table). Time to turn up the heat. ;)

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4. Dark room

It's a spooky yet super fun game to play. You’ve got to pick a room and turn off all the lights and ask your partner to hide somewhere in the room. It’s like hide and seek but only with the lights off. Note: You cannot venture into another room, you can only hide in the room you’ve picked.

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5. Treasure hunt

The good old treasure hunt has a charm of its own. Playing it with your lover brings a whole new feel to it. When thinking of clues, make it personal. Like the first place you went on a date with him or the place where he proposed to you - intimate things like that. This game is a great way of taking a trip down the memory lane.

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6. Two truths and one lie

If you think you can get away with lying, then you’ve got to put your superpower to the test by playing this game. For example - let’s say that you’ve listed down 3 facts about yourself, except, one’s a lie. It’s your man’s job to spot the lie. If he kills it on the first try, he gets a point.

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7. Jenga with a twist of love

Jenga is all fun until you bring out the questions. Each time you draw a brick, there will be a love question or a dare you absolutely must do! It’s a great way to get to know your partner on a personal level.

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8.  Sexy scrabble

It’s not your regular game of scrabble for sure. For every 50 point word that you make, you’ve got to remove one piece of clothing. The goal here is to make your partner strip in a fun way!

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