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7 AMAZING Bachelorette Ideas To Make Your Bestie Feel *Special*

7 AMAZING Bachelorette Ideas To Make Your Bestie Feel *Special*
2016 seems to be the year of weddings. My best friend from school, my first cousin, a friend from college - almost every second girl that I’m close to plans on getting married this year. (Wow! I wonder what my Facebook feed will look like soon!) So anyway, with all the weddings to go to comes a lot of planning, and in all this planning there’s the one big function in which I’ll be majorly involved. Yes, the bachelorette. I have been doing some research for the last few days and have come with a list of a few slightly different ideas. Since every girl is different I can’t really have the same “naughty” crazy party that we see in movies. Here are a few different ideas for different types of brides. Hope you guys find it helpful when you’re planning a bachelorette!

1. For The Wanderlust Bride

She’s the one who wants to see new places, meet different people and eat the varied cuisines of the world. If you and your squad have the budget and a few days to spare, plan a trip. You could travel to Krabi Islands or Koh Samui in Thailand or Pokhara in Nepal. The list of places could be endless, depending on your budget and places that your friend hasn’t visited before. Within India you could travel to Gokarna, Pondicherry, Kerala or to the hills up in the North. If you’re on a budget, though, or in case none of you can take too many days off from work, you could plan a brunch at a place which serves the cuisine of the place your friend has had on her bucket list for long. Like, for me this would be a place that serves yummy Greek food.

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2. For The Filmy Bride

Every group has this one. She can quote dialogues from Jab We Met at any given time, she has always dreamt of meeting her “Raj” in a mustard field in Punjab... You know the one I am talking about. For her, go all Bollywood. Throw a party with the theme of her favourite movie. Put up a little skit with her fave scene from it. Dance the night away to the best of Bollywood. And if you can get her fiance to record her favourite Bollywood lines and play them at the party...TOTAL win!

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3. For The Chilled-Out Bride

She’s the no fuss bride who would probably hate the idea of a crazy exotic bachelorette. So go old school here with an old-fashioned slumber party, just like we did as teens. Popcorn, a rom-com marathon, some delicious pizza and of course a few drinking games like Truth Or Dare and Never Have I Ever... Surprise her with a little something from the groom. From a song recorded by him to a cutesy video. You could also throw her a fun pool party with nothing but some great music, chilling at the poolside and some delicious cocktails. She’d LOVE it!

4. For The Adventurous Bride

She’s the one who would really enjoy a bit of adventure for her bachelorette (and I don’t mean the kind that involves a stripper!). Plan a trekking trip or a trip that involves a fun sport like paragliding or scuba diving. If planning a trip is too tedious, you could do something else that could be a lot of fun for her. You could book a day at the closest adventure park. Although, do carry a healthy supply of some refreshing juice (if you know what I mean!). You could also have a day at one of those rock climbing gyms followed by a big fat meal. Another fun option would be going paint-balling. However, I would suggest not planning this too close to the wedding. Just to be on the safer side!

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5. For The Offbeat Bride

Plan a fun scavenger hunt for this one. Leave clues for her at her favourite places in the city or places that are of sentimental value to her. Like your old school, college, the place you went to when you bunked classes, the place where she met her fiance. End this long walk down memory lane at her favourite club, where all her friends surprise her and party the night away. She’d love you for doing all this for her, especially if she’s moving away post the wedding.

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6. For The Princess Bride

You know exactly who this one is. She wants a proper bridal shower with balloons, champagne and all her loved ones around her. So go big with this one. Start the day at a spa with the bride and her besties. Let the day of pampering end at a gorgeous party at a fancy resturaunt. Put on your party dreses, call a tarot card reader and  drink some good wine. Do end the day with a gift that you know she’ll cherish forever.

7. For The Dancing Bride

This is for that friend who LOVES dancing. If there is a music festival or a live performance close to the wedding, book that. This could be a short weekend getaway filled with good music and a lot of dancing. An alternative to this could be taking a fun dance class together. From ballet to zumba to tap dancing and salsa...take your pick. Dance for a few hours and end the evening dancing at a club. Make sure you make lots of crazy videos and boomerangs for this one.

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