AMAZING Bachelorette Ideas To Make Your Bestie Feel *Special*

AMAZING Bachelorette Ideas To Make Your Bestie Feel *Special*

2019 seems to be the year of weddings. My best friend from school, my first cousin, a friend from college - almost every second girl that I’m close to plans on getting married this year. So with all the impending weddings comes a lot of planning, and if there’s ONE big function that I’m not only going to be majorly involved in but also eagerly await- it’s the bachelorette. I have been doing some research for the last few days, and have come with a list of some off-beat ideas. Read on and take notes!

Ultimate Bachelorette Party Ideas  
Unconventional Party     
Party On Budget    
Unique Party Themes     
For Every Kind Of Bride    

Ultimate Bachelorette Party Ideas

1. Take A Vacation

Beat the chaos of the city and take a vacation with your girls. The bride needs a break from all the crazy wedding planning, doesn’t she? Go for a bride squad vacation and party like there’s no tomorrow. Spend quality time with your girl gang and make sure you make the vacation all about the bride-to-be. Prep her for her special day, get her massage treatments or go out drinking!

Bachelorette Ideas- Take a vacation

2. Have A Photoshoot

Photos may not help you rewind time but they certainly do let you revisit some great memories. And a photoshoot of the bridesmaids with the bride-to-be is *obligatory*. Get dolled up and hire a professional photographer. Pick the best backdrops and start posing already!

3. Head To A Strip Club

How often do you girls get a chance to experience the thrill of a strip club? If you take a vacation abroad, make sure you visit a strip club! Hit a club with male entertainers and let the bride have some attention.

4. Plan A Bachelorette Brunch

There’s nothing more comforting than sipping some wine and enjoying a hearty meal with all the bridesmaids. Stuff yourselves with some good fromage, bacon and whatever else your heart desires! And let the conversations flow.

5. Book A Spa Session

Wedding planning can be extremely stressful. From shopping to coordinating with caterers, to booking the venue and making the guest list, a bride needs some time to herself. A perfect bachelorette idea could be a spa session with the girl gang. Let the experience relax and rejuvenate the bride so that she looks exuberant on her big day.

Bachelorette Ideas- Spa session

6. Go Wine Tasting

Host a wine-tasting session at home or go for one. Get the bride a special glass which reads something like, “The Beautiful Bride”, “Bride-To-Be”, “Fine Like Wine” or anything else that you think will make her feel special.

7. Take Pole Dancing Lessons

Most people join jazz classes together, but you can try something less mainstream and more fun! Attend a pole dancing session and try something that you probably haven’t done before. It’s time to try out some new moves and embrace your sexiness!

8. Have A Poolside Party

Beat the heat by sipping cocktails by the pool with your girl gang. Get the bride-to-be a rad swimsuit and get the party started! After all, swimming is not just a workout! Lazing around by the pool can also be so much fun!

9. Go For A Comedy Show

Your BFF is about to get married! How she spends her time after marriage isn’t in your hands, but what she does with her time before her big day is up to you! How about sharing some laughs together?  Head to a comedy show and laugh till your stomach hurts!

10. Attend A Concert

What’s better than surprising her by arranging concert tickets of her favourite band? She’ll LOVE this idea! Have a great night as you sway and sing along to your favourite songs.

Bachelorette Ideas- concert lights

11. Take A Road Trip

Don’t just watch road trip films, take some inspiration from them too! Plan a road trip for the bride and make it a special one for her! Listen to your favourite songs on the way, and alternate driving duties with other bridesmaids so that she doesn’t have to drive!

12. Get Makeovers Together

A day at the salon is just what the bride needs to feel pampered and get all dolled up before the wedding. And what better than booking a salon for a few hours as a bachelorette venue? Get ready for some *dramatic* makeovers!

13. Plan A Game Night

From ‘Never Have I Ever’ to ‘Uno’, game night with the girls is always fun! It’s time for secrets to spill and some giggles to go with it.

14. Rent A Limo

Renting a limo could be the most special and exquisite thing you can do for the bride-to-be. Hit the road, get decked-up in your hottest outfits and let the limo take you around the city. Oh, and don’t forget to pop some bubbly!

15. Check Things Off Her To-Do List

Let’s be real. *Every* bride has a secret (or not-so-secret) to-do list that she wants to check-off before she gets married! And whose responsibility is it to *ensure* that she goes through with the list without chickening out? The bridesmaids, duh! So ask her for her list and make sure you do every bizarre thing on that list with her!

Bachelorette Ideas- To do list

Unconventional Bachelorette Party Ideas

1. Visit A Museum

Pick something unconventional. If your BFF-bride is a history and travel buff, plan a visit to a museum for your bachelorette party. Look for fun travel exhibits in your area, or set up a private guided tour for your group.

2. Run A Marathon

Every bride wants to look fit and fabulous on her wedding day. But let’s agree, working out isn’t the most fun thing to do, especially if you’re alone! So why not get the gang together and give her some company? Plan a marathon run with your BFFs. This way the bride and her bridesmaids will look fit before the wedding!

3. Volunteer Together

Volunteering at an NGO is an incredibly rewarding and humbling experience. What better way to start a new phase of your life than by giving back to those who need it the most? Take your BFFs along and make it a group activity! You’ll all leave feeling fulfilled and grateful!

4. Go For Tarot Card Readings!

Aren’t we all curious about the future? Find out what's in store for the lucky couple (and who will be the next to get married) by visiting a tarot card reader!

5. Go To a Shooting Range

If she’s stressed about all the wedding planning, you must find a way to help her release all that stress. And honestly, we can’t think of a better way to channel all that frustration than a good session at the shooting range! Plus, it’ll be an interesting experience for the entire bride squad.

Bachelorette Ideas- Shooting range

6. Go-karting

Looking for some adrenaline rush? It’s time to hit the wheel, ladies. Plan a day out with team bride and go-karting. Let the speed junkie in you have a fun day!

7. Go For A Cricket Match

Who says only boys love to watch sports? It’s time to smash those stereotypes! Paint the tricolor on your cheeks and cheer for team India at a sport of your choice. The energy of watching a match at a roaring stadium is unmatchable!

8. Have A ‘DIY’ Night

How about you design your “Team Bride” tees with the bride? Dip your hands in some paint and get started! DIY tees will be a great memento for sure. Plus, it will get everyone’s creative juices flowing.

9. Host A Roast

Yes, you love her and are all praises for her but how about a fun roast? No bachelorette is fun without one! Poke fun at each and have a good laugh!

10. Gatecrash A Wedding

This is the most unusual way to have fun. A bachelorette at someone else’s wedding? Why not?! Just be careful not to get into *too much* trouble!

Bachelorette Ideas- Gatecrash a wedding

Bachelorette Party Ideas On A Budget

1. Have a Slumber Party

You’ve been hosting sleepovers since you were little girls, so what better than doing it as grownups? Wear your cutest pajamas and let the night be all about dancing, joking around and drinking indoors.

2. Bake Together

Baking classes can be great stress busters. Book a baking session for the bride squad and make some desserts together. It’s time to bake your own cake and eat it too!

3. Have A Movie Marathon

A movie marathon with some popcorn and cocktails at home is one of the best and most inexpensive ideas for a bachelorette. Watch all the chick flicks and binge-watch some TV shows together.

4. Go For A Picnic

Are we ever too old for a picnic in the park? Get your hats, junk food, picnic basket, and board games ready.

5. Go Clubbing

Conventional but always fun, isn’t it? Hit the clubs dressed in your party attires and make it a night to remember (or forget!)

Bachelorette Ideas- Clubbing

6. Play Mystery Rooms

Mystery rooms can be a lot of fun. Don your Sherlock Holmes inspired hats and start solving the clues to escape. This will help you all bond while having plenty of fun at the same time!

7. Go To A Nail Art Studio

Pamper the bride with a day at the nail art studio. Get your nails filed, painted or even get a full-fledged manicure!. There’s no better way to make her happy without putting a dent in your wallet.

8. Go Bowling

Just because bowling is made out to be not-so-glamorous, doesn't mean your party can't be! Plan a night out bowling with your girlfriends.

9. Have A Karaoke Night

Whether it's at a bar, in your home, or in a private Karaoke booth, Karaoke is a popular Bachelorette Party activity! (Whether or not you can actually sing!) Sing your favourite nostalgic songs, and incorporate some classic bachelorette party hits.

10. Host A Tea Party

Host a tea party with a variety of teas, desserts, and mini sandwiches. Have everyone look at their elegant best, and dress up the tables to look extra fancy.

Bachelorette Ideas- Tea Party

Unique Bachelorette Party Themes

1. Lingerie Love

You’re with your girls and you’ve known each other for the longest time. You are each other’s all-time cheerleaders and are completely comfortable around each other. So, bring out your sexiest lingerie and amp up the heat at your friend’s bachelorette. Put on the lacy bras and unleash the inner Victoria Secret model in you. Pretend to walk the ramp as you sip on your margaritas!

2. Who Doesn’t Love Pandas?

You love playing cute as much as you love channeling your inner diva, don’t you? Then bring out your favourite panda pajamas and host a panda-themed party! They’re adorable, fluffy and oh-so-lovable! From Panda socks, onesies, pajamas, sweatshirts to tees, embrace the panda vibes! And just to add to the whole panda fever, grab some popcorn and watch the Kung Fu Panda movies. Let Po be your spirit animal.

3. Casino Theme

Cocktails, card games and some hot card dealers are all you need to host a casino-themed party. Get dolled up in your prettiest gown and be ready with your chips. Black Jack and Poker can make the party a fun night to remember. Because if you can’t get to Vegas, you can always bring it to you. Enjoy your mini-Vegas night with your girls and appeal to your lady luck. We are sure the bride will have a ball!

4. Beach Please

Swimsuits, sunscreen, shades and the pool - that’s all you need to kick-off your beach themed party. Don your hottest bikinis and enjoy the beach life without actually spending a bomb. Grab some beer, take a dip in the pool, apply tons of SPF and you’ll have the greatest parties of all times. Let the city sun give you some tan lines before the big day. After all, a vacation tan is a sign of good times!

5. Animal Theme

Are you a big fan of The Cheetah Girls? Well, in that case, your clique must throw an animal themed party for the to-be-bride. You can add some spice to this party by channelling your inner animal. From sexy catsuits to leopard print lingerie, take the party to another level by raising the mercury level with your outfits. Make the party venue decorated like a jungle and sit on your throne, ladies!

Bachelorette Ideas- Animal Print Theme

6. Bling It On!

How much glitter is too much glitter? Well, we are of the belief that when it comes to all things shiny, the limit does not exist! You’re the bride squad and this should be loud and clear from miles away! So grab your sequined outfits and bling it on, sister! It’s your night to shine bright like a diamond. From shiny dresses to sparkly hats, let the party exude oodles of glamour and glitter. You can also get a discotheque ball that adds just the right amount of bling to the night.

7. Retro Night

Time to listen to some old melodies and bring back the polka dots and bell bottoms. Retro-themed bachelorette parties make you walk down the memory lane and relive the 80s and 90s. The tinted sunglasses, puffed hair and high waisted pants all make for a fantastic party theme!. You can make a playlist of all the old songs and get dancing!

8. CosPlay

This one’s for the Potterheads, Disney princesses, superhero fans or any other fictional character- how about a mini Comic-Con for a bachelorette? Dress yourself up and the bride-to-be as your favourite characters. It’ll double the fun of the party. The venue will look like you’ve been transported back to high school and who don’t want to feel 16 again? Plus, it would be interesting to see the bizarre outfits your friends come up with!

9. Glow In The Dark

Get some glow-in-the-dark paint and pick a venue with only UV lights. It’s time to make things trippy!. Paint the walls, make tattoos on each other, write cute things on each other’s body and let it all glow in the dark! To add to the fun, you can pick neon outfits for the night. And let those attires guide the way. Don’t forget your glow bangles and glow glasses while you're at it!

10. LBD Party

“I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour.” - Emmanuelle Alt

Isn’t this every girl’s mantra? We sure swear by it! Black is the most flattering colour for all body and skin types, colour and I bet you have a *favourite* black dress hanging in your wardrobe. So, pull your LBDs (Little Black Dresses) out of the closet, wing your eyeliner and put on some red lipstick. It’s time to pretend you’re in an Audrey Hepburn movie!

Bachelorette Ideas- LBD

Bachelorette Ideas For Every Kind Of Bride!

Every girl is different and hence, you can’t really have the same crazy party for each one of them. Your BFF and bride to be is a unique and beautiful individual, and you need to plan something that suits her personality! Here are a few different ideas for the different types of brides out there. Hope you guys find it helpful when you’re planning a bachelorette!

 1. For The Wanderlust Bride

She’s someone who wants to see new places, meet different people and experiment with crazy food! If you and your squad have the budget and a few days to spare, plan a trip. The list of places is endless, depending on your budget. Try to head to a place your bride-to-be hasn’t visited before. Within India, you could travel to Gokarna, Pondicherry, Kerala or to the hills up in the North. If you’re on a budget, though, or in case none of you can take too many days off from work, you could plan a brunch at a place which serves the cuisine of the place your friend has had on her bucket list.

2. For The Filmy Bride

Every group has one of these. She can quote dialogues from Jab We Met at any given time, she has always dreamt of meeting her “Raj” in a mustard field in Punjab... You know what we’re talking about!  For her, plan a Bollywood-themed party! Put up a little skit of her favourite scene from it. Dance the night away to filmy songs and if you can get her fiance to record her favourite Bollywood lines and play them at the party...a TOTAL win!

Bachelorette Ideas- Filmy Bride

3. For The Chilled-Out Bride

She’s the no-fuss bride who would probably hate the idea of a crazy bachelorette. So go old school here with a slumber party, just like we did as teens. Popcorn, a rom-com marathon, some delicious pizza and of course a few drinking games like Truth Or Dare and Never Have I Ever... Surprise her with a little something from the groom. From a song recorded by him to a cutesy video. You could also throw her a fun pool party with nothing but some great music, chilling at the poolside and some delicious cocktails. She’d LOVE it!

4. For The Adventurous Bride

She’s the one who enjoys a bit of adventure for her bachelorette (and I don’t mean the kind that involves a stripper!). Plan a trekking trip or a trip that involves a fun sport like paragliding or scuba diving. If planning a trip is too tedious, you could do something else that could be a lot of fun, like spending a day at an adventure park. You could also head to one of those rock climbing gyms followed by a big fat meal. Another fun option would to go paint-balling- take your pick!

Bachelorette Ideas- Adventurous Bride

5. For The Offbeat Bride

Plan a fun scavenger hunt for this one. Leave clues for her at her favourite places in the city or places that are of sentimental value to her. Like your school, college, the place you went to when you bunked classes, the place where she met her fiance. End this long walk down memory lane at her favourite club, where all her friends surprise her and party the night away. She’d love you for doing all this for her, especially if she’s moving away from the post the wedding!

6. For The Princess Bride

You know exactly who this one is. She wants a proper bridal shower with balloons, champagne and be surrounded by her loved ones. So this is your chance to go big or go home! Start the day at a spa with the bride and her besties, let it end with a gorgeous party at a fancy restaurant. Put on your party dresses, call a tarot card reader and drink some good wine. End the day with a gift that you know she’ll cherish forever.

Bachelorette Ideas- Princess Bride

7. For The Dancing Bride

This is for that friend who LOVES dancing. If there is a music festival or a live performance close to the wedding, book that. This could be a short weekend getaway filled with good music and a lot of dancing. Or alternatively, you could take a fun dance class together! From ballet to Zumba to tap dancing and salsa...take your pick. Dance for a few hours and end the evening dancing at a club. Make sure you make lots of crazy videos and boomerangs for this one.

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