11 AMAZING Fashion Stores To Shop Online (All Affordable!)

11 AMAZING Fashion Stores To Shop Online (All Affordable!)
Online shopping has revolutionized the way we think about shopping these days. Given that we’d ideally like to spend more time on retail therapy, or even just window shopping, we are happy to find some more hidden treasures on the world wide web. Here is something that will get you through a boring day - all you need is some wi-fi and these links. Check them out if haven’t yet seen them!


1 fashion websites in India

AJIO is the newest arena for some fun indie clothing and the jazz! They have a huge collection of fusion wear, which we are loving! It’s the exact kind every college girl likes to experiment with. Look at that embroidered kurta and this classy sleeveless one! Seems right up your alley, doesn’t it? It makes us happy that it’s so affordable too!

POPxo Recommends: Embroidered Kurti (Rs. 419), Sleeveless Kurta (Rs. 359) 

2. The Label Life

2 fashion websites in india

With a carefully curated collection of not just fashion items, but home decor too, The Label Life is like a complete package for every girl looking for something unique. These funky grey flats are just one example, there is a whole world out there full of amazing products. Also, they have the best swimwear we’ve seen recently!

POPxo Recommends: Grey Tassel Flats (Rs. 1,790), Red Zipper Swimsuit (Rs. 1,540)

3. Nete.in

3 fashion websites in india

Are you looking for stellar pieces that are outlandish yet fashionable? Nete (pronounced as Netty) which stands for “not everything to everyone” is clearly a space where you’ll only find hand-picked designer stuff, starting from a mere 250 bucks. You seriously get to explore that hidden side of your personality when you're surfing this site!

POPxo Recommends: Olio Froyo Shirt (Rs. 2,400), ANS Tie & Dye Maxi (Rs. 2,900)

4. Cilory

4 fashion websites in india

At Cilory, you’ll find a variety of things. From personal care products to all the latest ethnic fashion... AND products in every size and shape. They know their market well, providing great western options for plus-sized women and trendy leggings for the modern Indian women - and ALL of these in a comfortable price range too.

POPxo Recommends: Plus Black Maxi dress (Rs. 1,250), Psyna Royal Blue Leggings (Rs. 399)

5. Fashion Affair

5 fashion websites in india

Talk about getting clothes that are ramp-worthy! Fashion Affair has the hottest trends available at the best prices possible! Looking for some fringe inspiration? They have it for you. Floral sets to playful jumpsuits - they’ve got it all. You’ll find fabulous formals along with some more casual styles, just to suit your moods.

POPxo Recommends: Striped Jumpsuit (Rs. 1,700), Two Piece Floral Set (Rs. 1,800)

6. Loco Latte

6 fashion websites in india

Loco Latte... Don’t you just love the sound of it? It’s like a warm and sweet feeling waiting to encompass you. They have a great variety of baubles for you to choose from. Get your dose of fashion inspiration from them and find some pretty jewellery to put on too! They also help with styling the gorgeous jewellery that you pick, so that you always look fabulous!

POPxo Recommends: Gigi Tassel In Electric Blue (Rs. 999), Baboushka Pendant In Mint Green (Rs. 899)

7. Missa More

7 fashion websites in india

Now, Missa More is not your typical shopping website. They actually create ensembles, getting bloggers and influencers to style them in a way that you can put together easily! You can get the same outfits that these fashionistas are wearing and look like a showstopper every single day! They are in your budget and are quick and easy to access!

POPxo Recommends: Set Free Palazzo Pants (Rs. 900), Culottes+Off Shoulder Set (Rs. 1,500)

8. Blur Store

8 fashion websites in india

If you're looking for some quirky fashion, Blur Store is the solution. Their main endeavour is to break the monotony of our daily lives by giving us items that are fun, eccentric and magnificent. You can tell by the unique styling that they add to the product images. Totally makes us want to explore!

POPxo Recommends: Black Cut Work Pouch Sling Bag (Rs. 2,000), Floral Wayfarers Sunglasses (Rs. 720)

9. Krafted With Happiness

9 fashion websites in India

Simply put, Krafted With Happiness make us smile. They have the bestest collection of pom-pom jewellery and the happiest pairs of kolhapuris. The clutches, dairies, mugs are all so pretty that we could spend hours on this website and actually purchase things without it hurting our wallets. We would recommend you check this one out for some offbeat indo-western accessories!

POPxo Recommends: Raani Noor Kohlapuris (Rs. 849), Hand Embroidered Clutch (Rs. 999)

10. ToniQ

10 fashion websites in india

ToniQ has a great understanding of what the college going women want these days. With cheap prices, interesting accessories and a whole lot of variety of goodies available, they really hit all the right spots. We love how they have the tiniest things to offer for every type of girl! Go ahead and try this store out, you’ll fall in love with their stuff.

POPxo Recommends: Turq Statement Necklace (Rs. 549), Gold Charm Ring (Rs. 389)

11. Nextfad

11 fashion websites in India

Go over to Nextfad to check out some really unique accessories. They have a wide range of charm bracelets, necklaces and funky trinkets that have a personality of their own. And all you GOT fans, they’ve got something especially for you and you’re going to love it!

POPxo Recommends: Infinity Bracelet (Rs. 90), Multi Layer Chain Necklace (Rs. 220)

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