10 Commandments For The Bride Who's Moving In With Her In-Laws!

10 Commandments For The Bride Who's Moving In With Her In-Laws!
Moving in with your in-laws? Wow – congratulations, join the club and buckle up! Your rollercoaster ride begins NOW. Here are some ways you can make living with the in-laws easier for everyone – hopefully!

1.Thou shall set boundaries

It is important to create guidelines that will help you get along and feel comfortable with the extra set of family that you are now gifted with. Follow them meticulously, but feel free to adjust.

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2. Thou shall seek privacy

Solitude may seem a distant dream with someone or the other always around the corner. Promise yourself some me-time and some intimacy-time with the hubby to keep your (and your relationship’s) sanity intact.

3. Thou shall stay out of family arguments

No matter how keenly you are invited to be a part of it. Move away from the crime scene and go to another room. Breathe. Let them ride it out together.

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4. Thou shall pick your battles

… And be extremely choosy about them. Avoid getting into arguments, unless something (or someone) is bothering you too much for your peace of mind. Escalate into a confrontation only if it gets unbearable.

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5. Thou shall ask for help

When in doubt, shout. There’s no shame in asking for help when you need it.

6. Thou shall build positive relationships with your in-laws

‘Coz you have to live with them every day, and negativity healed no one.

7. Thou shall not expect…

... Too much from anyone, no matter how nice and kind they seem. Remember…..expectations are the root cause of disappointment!

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8. Thou shall stay calm

Because the chill pill is what you will need the most as you handle different personalities and egos.

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9. Thou shall give yourself time to adjust

New environs, new family, new habits, new rules….it can all be very overwhelming. And not everything will happen seamlessly and instantly. Just learn to adapt to this new setup and you will stride through.

10. Thou shall keep your marriage your number one priority

Because everything else is superfluous. Forget the daily battles and tussles - it is a lifetime of happiness with your hubby that’s the real prize.

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