10 Little Things I Wish Someone Had Told The Bride-To-Be Me!

10 Little Things I Wish Someone Had Told The Bride-To-Be Me!
When it comes to weddings - everyone who has ever been there and done that will have their two bits to share about how they could have done things differently. Like me, most girls dream of a fairytale wedding and plan things down to the last detail, worrying about everything from pin to piano. In hindsight, you’ll want to tell yourself– babe, take a chill pill! And also a few other things...

1. Worry less

One of the most important things for a bride is to look happy on her big day. That can only happen when you are relaxed – ‘coz no makeup can hide all that stress. And what’s meant to go wrong will go wrong anyway. You stay calm. Breathe.

2. Take a break

Every day. Go away from work and wedding shopping frenzy. Get away from your beau too. Spend some time with yourself. Read a book, get a pedicure, watch a movie. The next many days are going to be hectic, so brace yourself with some downtime.

3. Go on a girls-only holiday

To the mountains or the beach or do a food trail – doesn’t matter. Just go. Have fun.

3 advice for the bride

4. Hire a *good* wedding planner

Don’t get into “do” mode yourself. Chillax – it’s your wedding. Let others do some work. Leave it to the professionals to worry about the petty-but-important stuff. And hey…don’t be a bridezilla please.

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5. Get the best photographer on board

All that will remain from your big day are memories, so they better be good ones. Freeze them in a time capsule that your great-grandkids would be happy to look at as well.

6. You can’t have it all

All those images you have saved in the wedding inspiration folder hidden on the office PC desktop that you secretly look at... Well, all of it cannot be incorporated in your wedding. You’ll have to prioritize.

6 advice for the bride

7. Don’t sweat the small stuff

The tailor got the measurements wrong, the cake-lady got the initials messed up, the flower guy got pink roses instead of fuchsia ones – all these are fixable issues. Don’t let your blood boil over these. Stay calm and let someone else do the fretting   

8. Take time out for you two

That’s the whole purpose of the marriage, right? You two. Make sure you focus on each other’s happiness in the middle of the madness.

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9. Get a photoshoot with *your people*

A lot will change post marriage. And while you are all set on that pre-wedding and wedding photoshoot…get one with friends and family who matter. It’ll be a happy one to look at when you miss them later.

9 advice for the bride

10. Don’t shop like it’s the end of the world

Girls love to shop and a wedding is the best excuse to splurge. But think again: if you get tooooo much stuff in one go, how else will you shop again the month after your wedding? Besides, the colours and patterns will go out of fashion by the next season. Shop smart instead!

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