#FashionDiaries: A Day Before My Farewell, I Had Nothing To Wear

#FashionDiaries: A Day Before My Farewell, I Had Nothing To Wear
Farewells are supposed to be special. It’s probably the last time you are actually going to see a lot of people. Some might put in the effort of staying in touch, but you never really know what's going to happen. So, like every other girl, I wanted to dress up well to make a good last impression. Also because, 10 years from now, when my friends or I would be scrolling down the farewell pictures, laughing over our sartorial choices, I still wanted to be remembered as a well-dressed girl.

My friends and I had been planning on going shopping for a very long time to buy the perfect farewell dress. But thanks to our internship schedules, nothing happened as we had planned. A day before my farewell, I was busy working for the entire day and by the evening I was too tired to go and shop.

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So of course, I was left with nothing to wear. I decided it was a better idea to not go for the farewell than to end up looking plain and dull. I called my friend to tell her that I won’t be going for the farewell and my phone did not stop ringing for the next 30 minutes. All my friends called me one after the other and put in their best efforts to make me realize that I would miss out on our last official college event together. And no matter how much I was worried about my outfit, I agreed that I should go with them. After all, it was my farewell... But I still had nothing to wear.

Internal day before my farewell

The situation got a little better when I remembered that on my last trip back home, my grandmom had given me her four decade old saree (45 years old, to be precise) to recycle into something that I could wear. It was a beautiful plain mustard-gold saree which complemented my dusky-pale complexion perfectly. As soon as I thought about it, I decided in my head that I was going to wear it. Now the challenge was to find a blouse to wear with it and make it look not-so-boring because of its plain and subtle colour. I decided to get my grandmom’s sleeveless gold blouse altered. It was definitely a risk, keeping in mind the huge difference in our sizes and the scarcity of time. Finally, I went to a tailor who sat right outside my society gate and literally pleaded him to somehow alter the blouse to my size. Well, he did, and that too right in time.

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I got ready in exactly 20 minutes and, no, I'm not exaggerating. I draped the saree myself and put on a pair of earrings that I had bought from a local market. Because my saree was a very simple one, I decided to go bold with my makeup. I wore the deepest shade of lipstick that I had with dark kohl-rimmed eyes. Then I put on a bindi, because, well, I just love them!

On top of everything though, it happened to be a bad hair day. No amount of washing and conditioning was going to help, so I tied up my curly hair into a low bun. And I looked… NICE!

Going by the major issues that I had faced while putting the entire outfit together, I was pretty happy with the result. What made my day was the response that I got from all my teachers and friends. I received compliments from almost everyone that I met. I had a great time at the party and my simple outfit stood out amazingly!

And guess what? We all looked good! All my friends wore different colours and looked gorgeous. The day I had begun to dread was as close to perfect as possible. And I’m sure when my batchmates look back at the photos, I will be remembered as a well-dressed girl!

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