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8 Things It’s OKAY To Not Tell Your Fiance Right Away!

8 Things It’s OKAY To Not Tell Your Fiance Right Away!
You’re fiance is the man you’re soon going to share your entire life with. And yes, we totally second the fact that every relationship should be based on trust and transparency. But there still are a few harmless secrets that you certainly can keep from him. Yup, it’s alright if you don’t share everything with your fiance!

1. Your Facebook and Gmail passwords!

Yes girls, it’s fine! You don't have to give him this pass to your social networking accounts. He can totally do without them.

1 share everything with your fiance

2. Let the ex be an ex

There is no rulebook that says he needs to know about all your ex-es and vice versa. The past is long gone and it’s time to move on! You’ll know when the time is right to share these intimate details, don’t force it!

3. Sexual details are a big “no, no”

No! You don’t need to tell him how many men you’ve slept with or if your ex was a lot better in bed or whatever… practise your best judgement!

4. Don’t like his mother much?

Save your opinions about his family for your bestie! He doesn’t need to know how much you dislike his sister or mother. Not at present at least!

4 share everything with your fiance

5. His best friend is so hot ;)

It’s okay if you find one of the groomsmen extremely hot. And no, it’s not cheating to find another man hot. Why even bother telling your fiance about it!

6. A bad childhood experience

It’s totally upto you but there is just no compulsion for him to know about something that happened ages back. Talk about it only if you feel the need to.

7. Stalked his ex on FB!!

You did that, didn’t you? And that’s no big deal. Just no need to creep him out by sharing all these deets.

7 share everything with your fiance

8. Your bestie’s dirty secret

What’s he even gonna do with that? Don’t betray your BFF’s faith in you.

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