#BeautyDiaries: Why I Finally Decided To Cut Off My Long Hair…

#BeautyDiaries: Why I Finally Decided To Cut Off My Long Hair…
I’ve gone through almost every kind of hairstyle in school. From being born with super curly hair and getting a “mundan” almost four times to having a mushroom cut through primary school and a bob cut in high school, I’ve seen it all! In college, I decided to be a bit girlish and grew my hair longer. Since I was always involved in sports, it was the best hairstyle - I could tie up my hair up in a ponytail to avoid any distractions.

Just when I started working, I thought I must grow my tresses so that I could experiment with different hairstyles. I was going through what most people call a “quarter life crisis.” It wasn’t really that bad, but I felt like doing some revolutionary things like getting a tattoo, leaving the country, trying new cuisines, cutting my hair!

I was modelling a bit during my work years and therefore they wanted me to maintain the length of my hair. So when I quit that job and went to explore another country, I wanted to do something radical with my hair.

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A dear friend of mine (whose advice seems sensible, most of the time!) and my hairdresser told me to get an inverted bob cut. I was confused but I took an impulsive decision one morning and just went to the salon! It took some time to convince myself there, but I went forth. As soon as the hairdresser started cutting my hair I actually felt a weird sensation inside my heart. He was chopping off 10 inches of my precious hair, after all. I closed my eyes while he finished cutting my hair. When I finally opened them, I couldn’t stop staring at myself in the mirror. It took me a while, but it felt a good kind of different.

internal cut my hair short

Everyone thought my jawline was so prominent that this haircut would look nice, and it did! I got a lot of compliments. People actually asked me why I never got a haircut like this sooner! It felt amazing, I must say.

As I have naturally wavy hair, the bounce that my hair has on daily basis makes it very voluminous and it looks healthy. It surely feels good.

Also, this has revolutionised my fashion style quite a bit and it makes me look younger too.

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There are days when I miss my long  hair and I wish I could braid it, curl it or even simply make a bun. But then that feeling passes and I realise that what I have currently is so much more me! Classy, effortless and chic.