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What Really Happened The First Time I Stayed Over At His Place!

What Really Happened The First Time I Stayed Over At His Place!
The first time I stayed over at my boyfriend's place… Hmm. It was quite a funny, fun, strange, but sweet experience. Yes, I was rather confused about everything that was happening, and therefore I have so many emotions about just one night.

I remember that night quite vividly, as though it were just yesterday. I actually ended up staying at his place by mistake. He was meant to drop me home after a rather fun (and drunken) night. But instead of giving the driver directions to my house, he gave him his own home address. Neither of us realized till we were at his place.

“Oops. Come in anyway, now that we’re here? I’ll go drop you back in a bit?” he asked.

“Cool!” I said and stumbled inside with him.

Obviously, once inside, we did what anyone would do… We made our way to his room and started to make out. Soon, our make out session turned into a full fledged session of, well, sex. And soon after the amazing sex we had, we both passed out.

My parents were out of town that weekend, so I didn’t have to worry too much about not informing them of my whereabouts. But what we hadn’t thought of was that his parents were actually home. Neither of us had time to think about it! We had passed out before that thought could’ve even crossed our minds.

Anyway, I woke up from my sleep at around 7am.

“Oh shit, Karan, wake up!” I said.

“What? Why? Isn’t it really early?” he asked.

“Ya, but I’m still at your place.”

“It’s okay babe, just sleep,” he said, while he was clearly half-asleep. “We’ll see when we wake up na.”

“Fine, whatever.” I thought. I was rather sleepy myself.

Another 2-3 hours later, we both woke up. We cuddled and made out some more. And then it dawned on me again that I was in his house.

“Hello? Are your parents not home? Why are you so relaxed about the situation we’re in? How am I supposed to get out?!” I asked him rather worriedly.

“My dad is not home. He’s out of town. Only my mom is here,” he said.

“And she won’t care that her son brought a girl back home?!”

“Babe, you really have to relax! Will you have breakfast?” he laughed and asked me.

I was super confused by now. To be honest, if he had ended up in my house and I was in the same situation as him, with my mom was in the house while he was in my room - I’d pretty much be shitting in my pants. And here he was, asking me if I wanted to eat breakfast!

I guess he saw how puzzled I looked. So he said…

“Relax, my mom is pretty chilled out. And she is not going to judge you, if that’s what you’re worried about!”

Internal Staying over at your boyfriends house

Well, I was pretty worried about that actually. We had been dating for about three months now and things were moving ahead pretty well. I didn’t want the mother of the guy I could potentially end up with to think that I was irresponsible or whatever else she could think!

“No! Your mom cannot know I’m here. I don’t care how chilled out she is,” I almost yelled.

“How are you going to get out of here then? Do you just want to stay here forever?!” he asked, smiling as broadly as possible.

“This is not funny. Go distract your mom and I will sneak out. I know where the door is!” I said.

“Babe, she’s sitting right outside, and to be honest, she probably already knows. You were pretty loud last night!”

I wanted to hide, but I laughed instead. What else was I supposed to do?! So I convinced myself that although it would be super embarrassing, I would have to leave this room one way or the other. So I did.

I stepped out with him, and there his mom was sitting, sipping her morning tea in her nightsuit. I wanted to literally dig a hole for myself and die.

“Mom, this is Sana,” he said.

And what a way to be introduced to your boyfriend’s mom - when you’re in his T-shirt and your jeans from last night, and your makeup is all smudged because you slept with it on.

“Hi beta. I’ve heard so much about you from Karan. I’m so happy to finally meet you.”

She got up and gave me a hug and then asked if I’d like to eat something! Well, I politely declined because I was way too embarrassed and also rather surprised at her reaction to stay any longer! Karan, of course, had a good laugh in all this because he was simply amused by how shy and embarrassed I was acting. But for me, this was a completely different and weird experience given how strict my own parents were!

Anyway, so that was the first time I stayed at my boyfriend's place. You can understand now why I said it was funny, fun, strange and sweet all at once.

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It’s been almost three years to that night now - and I have stayed over at his place many times after. Yes, with his mom there. We’ve actually developed a bond of our own - and she teases me now about how awkward I was the first time we met. Oh and also, Karan and I are now engaged and soon to be married. So I guess I’ll be staying over pretty much all the time now!

* Names changed to protect privacy

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