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What Kind Of Sister Are You?! Your Zodiac Says...

What Kind Of Sister Are You?! Your Zodiac Says...
Sisters make the best companions. They’re fun to hang out with and share your deepest secrets. However, every sister is uniquely beautiful and gifted in her own way. If you want to know what type of sister you are, this is what your zodiac says!


You may not show it, but you’re very protective of your siblings. You will not get into their personal lives, but you will always be silently looking out for them. Anyone says or does anything to your family, they’ve had it from you! You love your folks more than anyone on this planet. <3

1 kind of sister


You like to keep to yourself most of the times. You give your siblings the freedom to explore and rarely step into their lives. They also know that if they ever need your help, you’ll drop whatever you’re doing and come to their rescue. You are simply amazing!

2 kind of sister


You look at your siblings as friends more than family. You have a jolly personality and they know that it’s always a good time when you’re around. You light up the room and make memories in the process. You are the kind of sister every sibling wishes for!

3 kind of sister


You are very sensitive to emotions. Whatever your siblings and family members go through, you're the first one to notice it and offer to help. You love coming up with solutions to their problems and offering valuable advice. You have a caring nature and everyone loves that about you.

4 kind of sister


You are a pillar of strength for your siblings. Always showering words of motivation and waves of confidence their way. You are loyal to them and will never do anything that could hurt them. They’re immensely lucky to have you as a sister. You go, girl!

5 kind of sister


You are very, very close to your siblings. Although, you aren’t the kind who displays emotions too often, you do care. You actually care a lot! You are constantly throwing compliments their way and offering advice and encouragement when you think they need it the most.

6 kind of sister


You are a very motivating and lovable sister. Family means everything to you. You share a deep connection with them and strive to get everyone on the same page. At times, you even take on a more mature role just because you don’t want any of your siblings to stray. You are a role model, did anyone tell you that?

7 kind of sister

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You and your siblings are a package deal, always! For you, blood is thicker than water. When you love, you give it your all. And, everyone knows that no one can trouble any of your siblings. If they do, you’ll make sure that it’s the last thing they will ever do.

8 kind of sister


Such a fun person you are, Sagittarius! Your siblings genuinely admire your attitude and thrill for life. Some of them may even want to be just like you. You create an aura of positivity that everyone wants to be a part of. Rock on!

9 kind of sister


You’ve always been the kind to make the best decisions for your family. Your thoughts are practical and you want the best decisions to be taken and made by your siblings as well. Seeing them well settled and happy in life brings you the greatest joy!

10 kind of sister


You are the source of energy amongst your siblings. A firecracker who is always looking for an opportunity to light up their lives. You are the life of the party and everyone knows that for a fact. You make people happier and add value to people’s lives! You’re awesome.

11 kind of sister


You’re the kind of sister who can keep a secret. And not just one, but ALL of them. You never want to see anyone of your siblings get into trouble. If it’s in your hands, you will bail them out no matter what. You’re their protector and making sure that everyone is happy and safe is your constant goal.

12 kind of sister

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