What Jeans Should You Wear To Flatter Your Butt The Best?

What Jeans Should You Wear To Flatter Your Butt The Best?
We know that there are various kinds of jeans available in the market. We also know that there are various kind of butts out there. Every once in awhile, we go hunting for that pair of perfect jeans - the one that fits us like a second skin.  A pair of well fitted jeans can go a long way in making your figure and ensemble look polished. Read more to find out which jeans you should wear to make your derriere look fabulous!

1. The Bubble Butt Dilemma

1 make your butt look better

If your bottom is rounded and full all the way up, then you have a bubble butt. Lucky you! They are slightly bigger, but not too wide. The best kind of jeans for girls who have a rounded bottom are dark skinnies and flares. Choose jeans with simple back pockets so that they do not exaggerate your butt. Flared jeans balance out the fullness of your tush and make it look fab!

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2. Solving The Flat Booty Case

2 make your butt look better

If your butt falls on the flatter side, then what you wanna do is pick a pair of jeans that enhances and your butt and makes it look fuller. Define your butt with jeans that have elaborate or thick back pockets. Look for washed-out denims that have sanding on the back pockets. The sanding - which generally means that the middle portion of the back pocket is slightly washed out - highlights your butt and makes it appear fuller. Look for jeans that start at your natural waistline.

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3. A Little Low? Lift It Up!

3 make your butt look better

If your butt is narrower up top and heavier at the bottom, you have a low butt. But with a little help, you can lift it up and make it appear fuller. The trick is choosing the right fabric. Look for hard denim than stretchy ones as the fabric thicker and it gives your booty the perfect lift. Look for detailing above the pocket, like sanding on the waistline, to draw attention up. High waisted jeggings also work wonders.

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4. The Wide Butt Scenario

4 make your butt look better

Wide butts as the name itself suggests move outwards from the sides. This type generally falls a little on the heavier side, but is not necessarily round. But either way, bootcut jeans or straight parallel pants make a wide rear look fabulous. Also, look for jeans that do not have a lot of back pocket detailing. The simpler the better!

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