#FashionDiaries: What Happened When I Wore A Bikini In India... | POPxo

#FashionDiaries: What Happened When I Wore A Bikini In India...

#FashionDiaries: What Happened When I Wore A Bikini In India...
I like to think of Goa as the land of sun, beaches and bikinis. As compared to other parts of India, this patch of paradise gives you the liberty to wear what you want without giving it a second thought.

It was 2013 when I wore my first bikini in Goa. A couple of friends and I stayed at a tiny bungalow bang opposite Palolem Beach. I mean, I’ve worn a bikini before, but never in India. I used to feel super-conscious about wearing one because I wasn’t comfortable with the awkward stares I received. However, in Goa, none of this matters to anyone. No one would bat an eyelid or make a big deal out of it, because the mentality is different. People over there give you that space and freedom.

While my friend and I were strolling on the beach, we noticed every person there was wearing one. It felt so natural regardless of what body type you had. The vibe was so encouraging that I was tempted to buy one myself. So, my friend and me decided to ask around and pick one up.

I remember that there was this one particular shopping shack on the beach that sold the cutest bikinis at the cheapest price. We went up to the shop and asked the shopkeeper if she had a bikini in a small size. She gently noded and pulled out a thick blue plastic bag and laid all that she had in front of us to pick. Some had polka dots or tiny stars on them, but the one that caught my eye was a floral blue bikini. It was an halter neck and the bottom half had tiny bows on it. I just knew I had to pick it up. Can you believe we bagged it for 600 bucks?! Me neither!

Internal Bikini in goa

As soon as I picked it up, I couldn’t wait to try it on and head to the beach. We headed to our bungalow and changed. My friend picked up one with tiny bunnies on it and mine was the kind that had little shoe flowers on it. We wore sarongs and made our way to the beach.

At first, we felt a bit shy to let go of our sarongs, but once we saw everyone walking freely on the beach with bikinis, we went with the flow! It was one the best memories I’ve had so far! Not only were we roaming around in itsy-bitsy bikinis, but we also received tons of compliments with the purest of intentions from onlookers.

It didn’t feel like India at all. The vibe, the gorgeous blue beach, the white sand, a bottle of Kings’ beer in our hand, life was good! Till today, I still have that bikini. Although it’s a bit faded, I’ll never throw it away. It has good memories attached to it. It’s something I’ll cherish for a lifetime. Cheers to good times!

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