#FashionDiaries: How My Experiment With ‘Sexy’ Lingerie Went!

#FashionDiaries: How My Experiment With ‘Sexy’ Lingerie Went!
My boyfriend and I have been together for about two years now and touch-wood, it’s been going great! He is pretty much “the one” and we get along like a house on fire. He’s like the ying to my yang. Not just emotionally but even physically our compatibility is quite amazing. We are quite open about everything and thus discussions about sex are endless. So this one time, while we were on the phone teasing each other, he told me “Why don’t you trying wearing something sexy?!” I was taken aback. I was like “What do you mean? Am I not sexy?” to which the poor lad replied, “That’s obviously not what I mean. I meant to say why don’t we experiment.” That’s when I understood what he was really trying to say. It must have been some fantasy playing up and I was a little stunned but then I mellowed down and actually gave this a thought!

So, I scouted around for something lacy and a little bit naughty along with a friend since I was a complete noob in this category. Everytime he’d come home I would be in my shorts and a tee, and this time, I wanted to surprise him. So after a whole day of searching for something that I might be comfortable in, we picked out a black babydoll with a pair of thongs. It looked quite interesting, I must say.

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It was a classic babydoll with beautiful plunge bra cups and tiered lace details which were flowy and ended at the hip. The thongs were obviously just net. I picked up thin black socks that reach the upper thighs and got a black garter to complete the look. I thought along with my black pumps and some red lipstick I’d be able to nail the sexy look!

One of these odd days, he was coming over to chill and watch movies. I thought it was the perfect setting for me to surprise him. I got into my lingerie and waited for him. I opened the door while he was still in the elevator and ran into the washroom. He walked into the room and I walked out of the washroom. I put on some music and did a little dance for him. He was completely stupefied. At this point, I was also still trying to get into the mood, and funnily enough, I was enjoying it!

He was just staring at me with his jaws open and I was trying to crack jokes while being myself. It worked, he couldn’t keep his hands off me! He wanted to get rid of all those elements that were new to his eyes, he was curious to explore. I had always thought that sexy lingerie doesn’t do much when we’re in the mood, since we’ll be more interested in getting rid of it. But the mystery behind it and the carefully planted features actually make the process so much more exciting! We started kissing and this time he wanted to take it slow. Removing those accessories was quite a task, he couldn’t figure out where the garters were clipped, he didn’t know how to remove the thong because it would get tangled up. All this and the novelty of this experience made it so much more exciting!

Just then, somebody rang the bell. He had parked his car in the wrong place and needed to move it. That totally killed the vibe. But he was so turned on that he literally ran back up and wanted to see more! We picked up where we had left, with John Mayer singing “Your body is a wonderland” in the background. Seemed quite apt for that moment. Eventually, we ended up having a beautiful night after that little hiccup and I think the baby doll really did create some fluttering magic that we still talk about, even now!

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