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Broken Heel, Stuck Zip? Solutions For ALL Shaadi Day Problems!

Broken Heel, Stuck Zip? Solutions For ALL Shaadi Day Problems!
This is one day that just HAS to go perfectly. And your look – it’s got to be absolutely flawless! The outfit should be a stunner (something other girls are envious of), the foundation has to be just right, and you better look like a dream! But ladies, problems usually come unannounced, and so, here are ways to deal with fashion emergencies on your wedding day…

1. Hooks over zips

Hooks are always the safer option. Zips can snap at any point, no matter how good the quality your designer picked for you. Hooks are reliable and won’t ditch you at the last minute.

2. Hello, needle and thread kit

2 Wedding day fashion emergencies

You might sound paranoid asking you bestie to carry with her a needle and thread kit to the venue, but ladies, the risk is such that you don’t want to take any chance. If anything were to rip and fall out of place, you always have your girls to sew it right back for you.

3. Makeup touch-ups

The emergency kit (which your sister or bestie carries along) must contain loose powder and your lip colour for the evening. All the laddoo eating and dancing could make your makeup wear off sooner than it should. A dash to the ladies room and you can pat back your makeup on with the powder and redo your lips and look as fresh as can be.

4. Extra heels, please!

4 Wedding day fashion emergencies

Heels break! That could be the shortest horror story for brides-to-be. But jokes apart, ladies, always have an extra pair of heels handy.

5. The all-important safety pin

Wedding lehengas are heavy and difficult to carry, girls. One pin in place can make things a lot more comfy. Have enough on you so you can look great and have a good time too.

6. Q-tip it, girls

Kajal spreading, mascara drying and falling on your face, or some extremely loving aunty’s lipstick stains on your cheeks – all these are possibilities any time during your wedding function. But there’s nothing a moist Q-tip cannot handle. Take it from us - keep them in your emergency kit.

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