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7 Ways You Might (Unintentionally) Be Sending Out Negative Vibes

7 Ways You Might (Unintentionally) Be Sending Out Negative Vibes
A picture speaks a thousand words and sometimes our bodies do too. Our bodies also unconsciously may be giving off negative vibes. Most of us barely even know that we might be sending off these vibes yet it could be happening constantly. This is how you can find out if you are, and also how to avoid it (if you want to, that is).

1. People notice that something is wrong

Our gut is always speaking to us and as human beings we are blessed with intuition, which helps us sniff out if something is “off” from more than a mile away. So, even if you might not say that something is making you feel rather uncomfortable, people will somehow sense it - pay attention.

1 Sending off negative vibes

2. Playing with your clothes

Fixing the hem of your skirt, tightening your tie-knot when it is already tight, checking to see if your button has come undone when clearly you are wearing a zippered-hoodie - all of these fidgety movements show that you are uncomfortable with your surroundings and who you are talking to.

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3. Squinting your eyes

When we get excited about something, our eyes grow wide open and our pupils dilate, while on the other hand, we often narrow our eyes as a sign of something we dislike or are not particularly fond of. Squinting our eyes often makes us come across as deceptive people.

3 Sending off negative vibes

4. Crossing your arms

This a very clear sign that you are very closed-off, at least at that point of time. It may also show that you are a rather arrogant person.

5. Touching your nose

Ever seen “Lie to Me”? Well, if you haven’t, you should. The series shows how you can get to the root of every truth by just studying human faces and our emotions. Touching your nose could show that you are being misleading in nature.

5 Sending off negative vibes

6. Not facing the person you are talking to

They say when you really like someone, your feet are directly pointed towards that person. But sometimes, if unconsciously your feet are turned sideways when talking to someone you really like, that person could take it as a hint that you don’t really like him/her.

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7. Being restless in general

Like constantly shaking your feet while you are sitting or twirling that pen around in your fingers. These movements scream out “boredom” if not anything else.

7 Sending off negative vibes

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