7 Ways To Make Your “First Time” Better Than You Expect!

7 Ways To Make Your “First Time” Better Than You Expect!
Listen up and be attentive - because this is all the homework you will need to do before you decide to finally have sex. It might hurt, but we can tell you that it doesn’t have to hurt too bad. If you follow these simple rules, you can be rest assured that your first time in bed won’t be as bad as it is for millions of other people who didn’t know these things...

Rule No.1 - Your mind has to be relaxed

Your mind has to be in unison with your body. Sex is not just about two physical entities coming into contact with each other, it is so much more and it is so much deeper. Ask yourself a million times if you are completely ready for this - mentally and physically - and don’t convince yourself that you are. If you aren’t - abort mission then and there. If you are ready, don’t jump into it anyway - put your mind and body at ease first. Take things really, really, excruciatingly slow.

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Rule No. 2 - Foreplay

Never forget the power of an elaborate session of foreplay. One of the reasons why sex is so painful the first time around is because people ignore the joys of foreplay. Engage in foreplay as long as you like, tell your man what you like. Before you do it, make sure you are extremely aroused. Foreplay helps in making penetration less painful.

Rule No. 3 - Leave the experimenting for later

Start out with the most basic, tried and tested position - the missionary. Many couples prefer this position over anything else because it is the easiest to do.

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Rule No. 4 - Make sure that he uses a condom

People say that sex can’t be enjoyed with a condom involved, but they also don’t tell you that sex can be difficult if at the back of your mind you are thinking of how not to get pregnant. This is a serious concern. One can’t enjoy sex with a million inhibitions. So make sure you opt for safe sex.

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Rule No. 5 - Go oral

The basic goal of this is to ease your body down, to get you excited down there as much as possible and also subsequently to loosen you up. The more at ease you are (in every part of your body), the better the sex is going to be.

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Rule No. 6 - Use lubrication

No, it is not just for exotic lovemaking. The medical stores are teeming with lubricants, so go out on a mini shopping spree with your guy and find one that both of you agree on.

Rule No. 7 - Communication is key

Both of you have to be open to communication. If something feels right, speak up, tell each other how pleasant that feeling was. Or if something goes wrong, speak up even more. Remember, this isn’t about getting to the finish, it’s about how you like it before getting to the finish.

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