9 Tips To Make You Look Slim in Your Wedding Lehenga!

9 Tips To Make You Look Slim in Your Wedding Lehenga!
We’ve all want to look like the most beautiful versions of ourselves at the wedding, dolled up in that lehenga, all the adornments and, of course, the smiling face! But sometimes, life cannot be planned to the dot. In the middle of all the rushed preparations, you lost time to go on a diet or hit the gym religiously and thus now want to figure out ways to make styling work for you! The good news is, whether you are a curvy girl or not, if you have been wondering how to wear lehenga to look slim, these amazing tips will make you look slimmer in your wedding attire!

1. Choose A Panelled Style!

1 look slimmer in lehenga

Choosing the cut of the lehenga, therein lies the trick. Girls have different preferences. Some like wide borders or mermaid cuts, some prefer full-flared or tiered ones. If you are trying to look leaner, the best tip to wear a lehenga is to pick a panelled or kali-wala lehenga. Each panel is broader at the hemline and tapers to the waist, making the wearer appear slimmer and taller!


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2. What Fabric Is The Best?

This answer to this question depends on the season you’re getting married in. But that’s just a secondary consideration. Pick georgettes, light satins and crepes which are much more flattering when you are trying to get the slimmer look. Raw silk, organza and net can make you look more bulky.

3. Elongated Long Patterns FTW!

3 look slimmer in lehenga

It’s all about the visual illusions. Longer patterns all over the blouse and saree will appear to be more elongated and thus make you look slimmer rather than broader. Along with a panelled skirt, a great tip to wear a lehenga is to pick patterns on the sleeves of the blouse and keep the back of the blouse long-ish.

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4. Sleeves And Neckline Magic?

The blouse can be really modified for someone to look slimmer. Choose net or a see-through fabric for the sleeves and go for an elbow-length sleeve and make sure the neckline is a nice sweetheart one or a scoop neck. It’ll do the trick.


5. Small motifs sprinkled all over!

5 look slimmer in lehenga

If you are opting for a fully-flared wedding attire then another tip to wear a lehenga is to sprinkle of small motifs all over that will make your lehenga look like an endless palette and those bootis will not draw much attention towards a particular point. Instead they will blend in to give a subtle yet slim look.

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6. Can-Can Or No Can Do!

Make sure you try you lehenga before the wedding to know if the volume of the can-can is enough. Sometimes, if your can-can doesn’t fall right, it can add bulk to the body. You can opt to go for a lehenga with a layer of buckram instead of can-can. It’s a personal choice.

7.  The Way You Drape It!

7 look slimmer in lehenga

Draping the dupatta is an easy and interesting way to make you look taller and slimmer. Make sure the drapes fall diagonally on the body with smaller pleats. The most attractive way to drape a dupatta is by wearing it the saree pallu style. This lehenga wearing tip highlights the curves on the body and defines them as well.

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8. No Chokers Please!

While wearing jewellery, opt for long necklaces that sit comfortably on the neck. A choker will make you look shorter and more stout. Choose ranihaars, long necklaces and layered ones as they’ll create a vertical line and make you look slimmer.

9.  High-Waisted Works!

9 look slimmer in lehenga

The last tip to wear a lehenga - choose a high-waisted lehenga as it sits at the narrowest part of the waist and hides all the love handles. It falls in an A-line manner and you can experiment with wearing a slightly longer crop-top style blouse that fits well, just showing off a sliver of skin.
Source: Shyamal & Bhumika On Instagram

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