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Leave Dullness Behind: 5 Tips To Get Your Glow Back!

Leave Dullness Behind: 5 Tips To Get Your Glow Back!
All of us dream of having flawless, glowing skin and spend a lot of time and money at salons trying to achieve the same. And all the pollution we face on a daily basis only makes our skin dull and lifeless. So here we’ve got 5 easy-peasy ways you can get glowing skin right at home, without spending thousands at a salon!

1.  Honey and lemon

ways to get a glowing skin Everyone knows the individual benefits of honey and lemon. But do you know the wonders they produce if you put them together? Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and honey to make a simple face pack. Apply a smooth layer of it all over your face and let it stay for approximately twenty minutes. The lemon juice helps keep acne at bay while honey is full of antioxidants and helps bring a glow to your skin.

2. Rice flour and curd

Rice flour is a great natural scrub while curd has components that help make skin soft and radiant. Take approximately two tablespoons of rice flour, add one tablespoon of curd and mix them till a paste is formed. Massage it onto your face like any other scrub, leave it on for two minutes and wash off gently. Your skin will feel really soft and there will be a definite glow to it!

3. Kacha milk with honey

ways to get a glowing skin (2) While it’s quite dangerous to consume unpasteurized milk, the benefits of applying it on your skin are endless! Take one tablespoon of milk and two tablespoons of honey, mix them well till you get a lotion-like consistency. After applying an even layer of this mixture on your face, leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.

4. Gram flour and curd

Gram flour a.k.a besan is an age old scrub used by Indians since forever! It has many benefits such as controlling oiliness of skin, removing tan and bringing about a natural glow. You can mix a small amount of besan with water to make a paste and apply it on your face, but mixing it with curd instead will give you better results! Leave it on till it hardens and then wash it off with cold water.

5. Fruits

ways to get a glowing skin (1) Fruits do wonders for our skin. But we’d rather eat them than rub them on our faces, right? So Lakmé’s new Blush and Glow Face Washes are the perfect solution for people like us. The fruit antioxidants in these face washes give your skin a perfect fruit-kissed glow. If you don’t have time to make the above listed facepacks, then the best alternative is one (or both!) of these face washes. It’s just ₹99 for the 50g pack and ₹175 for the 100g pack. *This is a sponsored post for Lakmé.